How to switch from QWERTY keyboard to AZERTY keyboard?

Is there anything more frustrating than ending up with a keyboard that doesn’t obey us? How to see characters appear on the screen that don’t correspond to the keys you type? There is no doubt that I switched from a French keyboard (AZERTY) to an American keyboard (QWERTY). Before I tear my hair out, here are some easy ways to modify this layout.

1. Use keyboard shortcuts

By default, French and English are the two input languages ​​set on your computer, and you can switch from an AZERTY keyboard to a QWERTY keyboard with a precise key combination.

This is also probably why you got into this situation by accidentally pressing the corresponding key or typing this combination in your software, and the program guesses that you want to change the language.

So try one of the following combinations (in that order) and see if the combination works each time:

Shift + Alt Gr or Shift + Alt


2. Via keyboard settings

If a keyboard shortcut doesn’t work, the combination may have changed. So you have to fix it manually. Note that the operation is basically the same for all devices running Windows, but the tab titles may differ slightly depending on which version you are using.

– Go to Control Panel and[キーボードまたはその他の入力方法の変更]Click.


Then you can switch between QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards.

QWERTY keyboard

3. By removing risk

Once things have recovered nicely, you can change or deactivate keyboard shortcuts or even remove the English keyboard altogether to prevent such errors from happening again.


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