How to locate a misplaced Android using Google?

Android mobile phones, tablets and watches are seeing a huge success due to their importance in the digital world. Sometimes you may experience loss or theft of these devices. But in this context, all is not lost yet, because you can locate your Android device in an easy and convenient way.


The importance of using a Google account is no longer seen today in the digital world. In addition to allowing you to send and receive emails, they can also be used for security purposes. So, after purchasing your Android device, it is advised to connect it to your Google account before you start using it. Doing so will enable certain features including phone location.

location from a smartphone

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to track your Android device successfully:

  • You can perform the tracking on a phone or tablet connected to the internet. First, open your usual browser and go to the search site. Once you’re on this new Google search page, type in the search bar “find my phone” and start searching.
Search_findmyphone - © Credit:
Search_findmyphone – © Credit:

Search_findmyphone_PC - © Credit:
Search_findmyphone_PC – © Credit:
  • After a few seconds, the search results will appear on the screen. Click on the reply item titled “Find your phone – Google Account”.
Findmyphone - © Credit:
Findmyphone – © Credit:

Findmyphone_PC - © Credit:
Findmyphone_PC – © Credit:
  • After this click, your browser may ask you to sign in to the Google account associated with your lost device for security reasons. Then enter the email address and password for the respective Google account if required. After logging in, you will have a list of all devices that this account is associated with. Then select the lost Android device to proceed with the tracking process.
Device_to_locate - © Credit:
Device_to_locate – © Credit:

Device_to_locate_PC - © Credit:
Device_to_locate_PC – © Credit:
  • On the next page, you can see exactly where your smartphone is located, along with some details. Once you select the location, you will get information about the device. This is for example whether or not it is connected to the Internet (via mobile network or Wi-Fi), the percentage of its battery…
Localized_device - © Credit:
Localized_device – © Credit:

Device_located_PC - © Credit:
Device_located_PC – © Credit:

On this same page, you can ring your Android device to quickly put your hands on it. We highly recommend using this method if the device is in the same location as you. Once started, the device will not stop ringing until it is unlocked.

If so, you have a choice:

  • secure the device by locking it remotely;
  • Delete the data it contains to avoid its exploitation by third parties.

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Enable the location function

Although this method of locating is generally effective, it is important to perform certain procedures before losing the phone. Otherwise, you may not be able to use this method successfully. So the procedures that must be followed must be implemented as soon as you get any new phone of yours.

  • Go to your smartphone settings and then to the “Location” menu.
Location_settings - © Credit:
Location_settings – © Credit:
  • Once in this menu, activate the “Use my location” function.
Activation_location - © Credit:
Activation_location – © Credit:
  • If you’re using a Google Account signed into your device, go to your device’s settings and tap Google:
Settings_account_Google - © Credit:
Settings_account_Google – © Credit:
  • Once you are in this menu, click on the Find My Device option.
Device_location_option - © Credit:
Device_location_option – © Credit:
  • Now tap on the toggle to enable Device location by Google.
Option_location_activated - © Credit:
Option_location_activated – © Credit:

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