How to free up memory in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

chats The WhatsApp They are often filled with images, videos, voice messages, memes, GIFs, etc. All of this has inevitable repercussions The internal memory of the phonesince the WhatsApp folder that is intended to store the multimedia content of our storage affects it.

How many times have we heard our parents complain that their smartphone memory is full? And if we ask them to delete WhatsApp videos and photos, most of the time they reply that they don’t understand or don’t know how to do it (not counting all the times they defend themselves by claiming that they never received videos, photos or other multimedia content). In short, we are normal.

We will explain to you in this article How to free up memory on WhatsApp, in the simplest way possible, with lots of pictures and helpful information. If you think it might help you, share the article with your friends and relatives, so that they don’t haunt you from now on (even if we don’t feel like putting our hands on fire).

How to free up memory on WhatsApp using the Android Settings app

To free up memory on WhatsApp using the app settings From android Just go to the section storage memory From the application available in the tab “Application Information”under the heading “Uses”. Below is the step by step procedure.

Open the Settings app (the one with the gear wheel icon), scroll down and click on the tab “applications”.

Android app settings

On the new screen, you will see a complete list of applications installed on your smartphone arranged in alphabetical order. Scroll down until you find the WhatsApp icon, then tap on it to get to the screen “Application Information”.

Whatsapp android applications

Locate the section “Uses”then tap Option storage memoryunder which data is in megabytes of the total space occupied by data and whatsapp cache in the phone’s internal memory.

Whatsapp Android app information

Soon after you will find yourself on this screen. If not, we invite you to repeat the previous steps, until you see the same screen that you see below. We insist a lot on this point because from here the manual operation of delete data and cache associated with WhatsApp.

Memory Storage Whatsapp Android

in Used space There are four entrances:

  • Request: megabytes of space used by the application. Updates made via the Google Play Store are also included.
  • data: It is the memory occupied by all multimedia content contained in conversations, whether in individual conversations or in groups. With rare exceptions, it is the most problematic element (the memory side, of course).
  • cache: is the space used by the application cache. It is usually the element that has the least impact on total memory occupied.
  • the total: is the sum of the previous three elements.

To start freeing up space, tap “clear data” at the bottom left and press “yes” For confirmation. This way all application data – Including videos, photos, singing, documents, GIFs, etc. It will be permanently deleted. This process also includes settings, databases, and accounts.

Whatsapp cache

The second step is to empty the cache of the application, in order to recover the megabytes of memory used under this heading. To do this, you just need to click “Clear cache” bottom right. Other than the above, the phone will not ask you for any confirmation to perform the required operation.

NBIn our test, we used the Samsung Galaxy A52 smartphone updated to Android 12 and One UI version 4.1.

How to free up memory on WhatsApp via Manage Space folder

As an alternative to the Android Settings app, you can Memory dump on whatsapp Even acting directly from the folder Space management in the instant messaging application. This solution is valid for all Android phones, while the procedure on iPhone is slightly different (we’ll talk about it in the next chapter). Here are the steps to take.

Open WhatsAppthen tap the three dots icon at the top right, and from the drop-down menu that opens, select the item “settings”.

Whatsapp app settings

On the next screen, tap on the option space and data.

WhatsApp space app and data

Open the folder now “space management”.

Whatsapp Folder Manager Space app

A new screen divided into three sections will open. The first shows the total space used by WhatsApp referring to the internal memory of the smartphone. under the heading Check and delete these items Instead, the heaviest multimedia content (usually over 5MB each) is collected. Instead, under the heading “chats” There are the contacts chats that take up the most memory (they are sorted in descending order, thus from the chat using the most space to the least heavy).

Whatsapp space management application

Now suppose we want to Delete one or more multimedia contents from a single chat. Here’s how.

First, tap on the contact’s name. In the new screen, WhatsApp sorts the files in descending order, i.e. from the file that takes up the most space to the one that weighs the least.

Whatsapp Contact Manager Space application

To delete a single video, touch the box containing the content you want to remove and hit the trash can icon that appears in the upper right corner. if instead You want to delete more videosclick the other boxes associated with the data you want to delete and click the trash can icon again, then click “delete” to confirm your selection.

Deleted Whatsapp app data

How to free up memory on WhatsApp using iPhone

Perform a memory dump on WhatsApp if you are using an iPhone It is actually the same thing that has already been seen to reduce space on your Android phone. Also in this case, you have to act through the instant messaging app settings.

First of all, open the WhatsApp application and then select settings in the lower right corner and press tab space and data.

Whatsapp settings storage

On the new screen that opens, touch Space management under the heading space.

Whatsapp Iphone space management app

At this point you just have to select a contact, then one or more items you want to delete and Click on the trash can icon It is located at the bottom right.

How to free up space on WhatsApp

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