How to find Discovery channels with manual search

The news goes on DTT like the new Warner TV station. Part of the schedule offered by the group”Warner Bros. Discovery‘, is really full of captivating movies and TV series. Unfortunately, however, there are many users who still cannot receive this, as well as other programs from this TV channel. What are the causes?

The first concerns the television or the decoder. They are probably not compatible with the new transmission standard MPEG-4 and DVB T2. You can check this by selecting number 100 on your remote control. If the message “TEST HEVC Main 10‘ means that you have to buy a device of the latest generation in order to be able to continue watching TV.

It is therefore not a reception problem, but a compatibility issue. You can solve it quickly and without spending too much money thanks Amazon. There are tons of set-top boxes discounted on Black Friday, which will set up your TV to receive the new ones DTT. Buy those DVB-T2 Dcolor Full HD SCART decoder for only 20.79 euros.

You can connect it directly via its cable SCART already included, or through the door HDMI. Its small size has made it a pop star among decoders, since it is installed behind the TV and disappears from view. However, the 2-in-1 universal remote is powerful and can also be programmed to operate your TV.

Digital Terrestrial: If you don’t see Discovery, the solution is manual tuning

The second cause that might give you trouble receiving channels discovery could be the automatic channel search DTT. This procedure is simple and quick, but automated. That is, when the TV or the decoder starts automatically, it does not know whether the weather is favorable for the search.

Bad weather, cloudy skies, strong winds or ongoing repairs could disrupt the search for channels and thus not lose primary channels like Rai and Mediaset. The solution to this problem is to do it again readjust of DTT. If this does not solve the problem, you will have to go to manual search by entering the data below:

MUX PERSIDERA1 Ch 44 (Frequency 658MHz) or Channel 32 (562MHz) – QAM64 IG 1/4 Fec 5/6 – (24.88Mbps available)
NINE (LCN 9109509)
HGTV – Home & Garden (LCN 56)
Motor Trends (LCN 59)

MUX PERSIDERA3 Ch 47 (Frequency 682 MHz) or Channel 45 (Frequency 666 MHz) – QAM64 IG 1/4 Fec 5/6 – (24.88 Mbit/s available)
Real Time (LCN 31)
Food Network (LCN 33)
Warner TV (LCN 37.537)

Legend: * Channels only visible on DVB-T2 HEVC main10 decoders/TVs; *** Channel visible in streaming via HbbTV.

If you have difficulties with the procedure, you can check the instructions on how to create one manual tuning of the channels of DTT. You’ll see how easy it is and in just a few minutes you’ll be able to find the Discovery group TV channels that you can’t watch yet.

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