How to download your Twitter data archive with all photos and videos

As Twitter goes through one of the most complex moments in its history following the Elon Musk acquisition, our thoughts turn to the tweets, photos, videos, and messages exchanged over the years on the platform.

In other words: What will happen to them if a service like Twitter is shut down?

Fortunately, you can ask Twitter for a downloadable archive of your data on your computer or mobile phone, which includes content uploaded from your profile over the years and profile information. Fortunately , The procedure is very basic It can be done from the mobile app and from the website via a desktop web browser.

Twitter specifies that the archive, which is a ZIP file, includes “Data about account information, account history, apps and devices, account activity, interests, and advertising“.

Included are, for example, Photos uploaded from the profile, even those of deleted tweets; share photos, videos, and GIFs in private messages, including group messages; Recording operations in spaces, if it is decided to record. This is all the data and metadata that Twitter has stored on each user’s account.

The “readme” file is also available in the archive, that is, a text file with a description of all folders and files, in English.

The archive will be divided into two folders – “Assets”, which contain fonts, for example, and “Data”, which contains images and videos – and
The HTML version is also accessiblethus also readable by the browser, archived and easier to navigate, with all tweets sent, messages, “likes” placed on other tweets, for example.

How to download your Twitter data

To request an archive of your Twitter data, you need to go either to the app or to the official website via a desktop browser and go to More then Settings and Help and finally to Settings and Privacy. In the “Your Account” section, the option to “Download your data archive” is available.

What does the Twitter “Your account” screen look like?
It will take about 48 hours to complete the archive request

In the “Twitter Data” section, by clicking on “Archive Request”, the request can be submitted. After re-entering the password to access the profile, Twitter will ask you to enter an additional digital code as a security measure, which will be sent via email or SMS at the user’s choice.

The archive will be ready in about 48 hours. Once ready, the user will receive a notification via email and in the app and will have seven days to download the archive: the size of the ZIP file depends on the amount of data, ie if, for example, many videos have been uploaded over the years the file will be very large.

What do I do with this data?

Being able to access this data tangibly locally, i.e. on your device and not just on Twitter, is important for two reasons.

First: it is a backup of many content that has been moved over the years to an external server, the Twitter server, and may no longer be accessible (or forgotten) by the user.

Second: It allows, in the event of a service outage or closure, the ability to move that data to another location, possibly to another social network. This is especially true of photos and videos, which are seen as the most relevant material to keep.

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