How to decipher the audio headset tech sheet…

helmet type

we distinguish 3 main types of helmets : open, closed, in-ear.

open helmet

An open face helmet is a helmet that allows filtering. all parts of the sound outside Via an acoustically transparent grille. Rarely used in the field of nomadic helmets for obvious reasons, this technology is mostly found in sedentary helmets, especially tops and very high end.

closed helmet

Conversely, a closed helmet holds all sounds in headphones. We distinguish helmets super hearing (or supraauricular) is placed over the ear and provides different insulation while the helmet jarring (or periauricular) surrounds the ear and generally provides better insulation.



Finally, the intraauricle is housed in the ear pavilion, as its name suggests. This type of headset (called earbuds, by the way) acquired its aristocratic character with the explosion of nomadic readers and subsequently smartphones. In-ear headphones come with a few pair tips to make them perfectly adaptable to your morphology. is on the rise.


Helmets have a fourth type, auricle, but is losing momentum. Often standard on smartphones and portable he readers, they suffer from very average quality and perfect ergonomics. Their main asset is generally very affordable.


listening is closed helmet or open helmetWith a closed helmet, sound is theoretically sealed, while with an open helmet, sound is generally filtered outwards through an acoustic grill. The former better sound insulation And it’s more serious and more present. The latter has the following advantages: A more open and airy sound And less noticeable, but more natural bass. Closed headphones are good for on-the-go listening, while open headphones are usually intended for sitting down.

nominal impedance

Expressed in ohms (Ω). resistance to the passage of electrical signalsSince sound is transmitted by electrical signals, the nominal impedance of headphones will inevitably affect the audio output.This is how you find the impedance contained 16 to 64Ω In general, headsets dedicated to mobile readers, and up to several hundred ohms About professional helmets.

Connecting a headset intended for sitting down to an MP3 player risks draining the battery too quickly. Conversely, connecting portable headphones to the headphone input of a hi-fi amplifier will produce a distorted sound. See our article on headphone impedance for more information. Remember that 600 ohm headsets are not suitable for mobile use and 16 ohm impedance headsets will not be heard through a stereo headphone jack.

Headphones - Hi-Fi - Wired - Mezze - Audio - Empyrean - Copper - Black - XLR - With Cable

frequency response

Low frequencies are expressed in Hz and high frequencies in KHz.Headset bandwidth rangeSimply put, this measurement is supposed to tell you how low your headphones go (lower Hz numbers are lower) and how high your headphones go (higher KHz numbers are better). increase.

In practice, this number is closer to the sales argument, where a good headset can have a low response, while a mediocre headset can be high and very low. Not just! Needless to say, MP3 files, which are often used for mobile listening, are severely limited on both ends of the bandwidth. Anything lost during file compression cannot be reproduced on headphones. was he the best in the worldSo while this is a technical metric to consider, it doesn’t bode well for the headphone’s audio quality.


expressed decibel (dB)or called yield, which in my opinion is a more descriptive term. In fact, sensitivity measures the sound level obtained at a certain power. Simply put, Sensitive headphones get louder when force is appliedThis same principle can be seen in hi-fi speakers. The advantage of this measurement is that helmets with high sensitivity can be powered more easily than helmets with medium or low sensitivity.



we are talking about 3.5mm jack For connecting MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, or computers. For stereo and separate elements, 6.35mm jack connectorthe larger it is, the more it is used.

There are adapters, sometimes included in packages elsewhere. With it, you can switch from one use to another. Another accessory that is sometimes provided in the box,airplane adapter This allows you to plug your headphones into the double jack sockets found on some airplane seats. Needless to say, the sound reproduction of commercial headsets is almost always better than the mediocre headsets supplied by airlines.

As a final point, we recommend choosing the angled jack (“T”) for portable headphones. In the pocket they are subject to less friction and pulling than straight jacks.

decryption _helmets-3


Ideally, prefer headphones with detachable cablesEven if it deteriorates, you can continue to use the helmet just by replacing it. Regarding the length, there are many about 1m10 to 1m20. Sedentary headsets logically come with long cables, sometimes up to 3m.

Most mobile headsets have remote control and microphone Browse between tracks, make calls, activate your voice assistant, and more.

noise reduction

Some headsets offer the following features: active noise reductionThis process is very useful for listening to music and isolating in noisy environments. Analyze the ambient noise and contrast it with the opposite noise to cancel out the two noises. Some brands are particularly advanced in this area, led by Bose and Sony.

it must also be taken into account autonomy Connect these headsets and make sure listening is still possible after the battery is discharged. Speaking of which, the autonomy of active noise reduction headphones has come a long way and, along with True Wireless, are by far the most popular at the moment.

Sony WH-1000XM5


Wireless listening is separate strong tendency from the moment. A Bluetooth headset provides comfortable autonomy that lasts for days. However, this wireless comfort deterioration of sound Compare with wired listening.Prefer compatible helmets whenever possible Bluetooth AptX flat Aptx HD or aTX Adaptivemuch like Sony’s LDAC, is a more qualitative, less disruptive audiophile standard.

Among wireless headphones, there are many sports headphones. Different manufacturers have different fastening systems, often in the form of ear clips. They need to stay firmly in place with effort, but are also comfortable for hours.

Very popular at the moment, True Wireless, as the name suggests, eliminates wires entirely. Most offer 5-8 hours of battery life and come with a case that doubles as a charging stand, so you can listen longer even when you’re away from an outlet. They should fit your ears well and provide good sound isolation. And there are no secrets in this matter. You should try them and test the different tips provided.

The latest in wireless headphones, UHF headsetRecharging with a sector-connected base, these headphones are especially used in the evenings to enjoy the soundtracks of movies and TV shows without disturbing your surroundings or neighbors. Especially at Sennheiser, there are also audiophile ones.

gaming headset

Gaming headsets meet more specific needs, so check out our dedicated buying guides.

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