How to control PowerPoint from android phone

Power point It is a really essential tool when we need to create a presentation. It is especially important when you need to focus on the visual effect. But we must not forget, among the advantages of this tool, the fact that PowerPoint can also be used by many users cooperatively. With PowerPoint we can create really amazing presentations, to better communicate with the audience. There are also programs that make it possible to control PowerPoint from devices android, even without using a cable. But how do we do that? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to control PowerPoint with your Android phone

For a large number of professionals, PowerPoint is required for work, and it is essential for these figures to have a high-performance phone at their disposal. In this sense, the emergence of an activity called Presentation Design was crucial, it is about making presentations irresistible to attract people’s attention and engage them from all devices.

It is really important to think about the opportunity that we mentioned earlier to be able to control PowerPoint even with access from an Android smartphone, because in this way we also have the opportunity to use it in a collaborative way, at any time and in any situation we find ourselves acting directly from your smartphonewhich we certainly carry with us always.

But in this regard, we must remember that there are some programs that prove necessary from this point of view. Let’s find out what they are.


PowerMirror It is one of these programs that we are talking about, which allows us to work with PowerPoint directly on our Android smartphone. Its operation is very special, because we must not forget that it is usually a program that mirrors the computer screen.

It is very practical because it gives us the possibility to send photos, videos and other multimedia content, of course so that they can visible on screen. With ApowerMirror we can control our PC from our Android device, but also from our iPhone.

There are many functions that can be activated, because you can write messages, make calls and there are also functions dedicated to video games. So with the program we are talking about we can edit PowerPoint slides remotely.

AIO remote control

program name itself, AIO remote control, means All in One Remote. The term itself already indicates the specific function of such a program, because we can manage many applications with it.

It can also be used as a backup for Windows, Linux and Mac. With this software, you can edit PowerPoint presentations and various multimedia contents. You can activate several functions for one person Greater comfort to the user.

remote office

The other program that we can refer to to control PowerPoint from our Android device is called remote office. On a practical level, our Android becomes a kind of smart device that allows you to interact remotely with various Office programs and not just PowerPoint.

In fact, with our Android smartphone and this software we can also work on Word and Excel for example. Also in this case there are several really useful features, because with this program you have the possibility to play or pause videos embedded in PowerPoint.

Office Remote lets you manage files Working papers As well as graphs, it gives the ability to browse using data separators and filters and then you can use them to browse word document Or even to skip heads. It is very easy to use, with its intuitive interface that allows you to scroll through PowerPoint in Android in a very simple way.

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