How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV

Sitting on the couch and enjoying an afternoon or evening in front of the TV can help de-stress and unplug your mind for a few hours. One of the most exciting forms of entertainment is certainly the world of video games, which are capable of offering unique and entertaining stories.

In recent years, it has been among the best-selling gaming consoles in the world Nintendo Switch, a little engineering masterpiece that allows you to game on the go and in front of your home TV. Not everyone knows though How to connect nintendo switch to tv It does not fully exploit its potential.

If you do not fully understand how to connect your console to the TV, then you are in the right article to solve this problem. In the following lines we will analyze: How to connect nintendo switch to tv Without a dock, without HDMI, via bluetooth and the problems you might encounter in general.

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How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV using an HDMI cable

If you already have a game console at home, eg Xbox or Play StationWell, you know that the easiest way to connect such a device is with a cable HDMI port.

As strange as it may sound, there is no direct way to connect your TV to a coil Nintendo Switch With an HDMI cable, however You will necessarily have to switch from the dock that appeared on the package.

This console was created with the intention of being portable and does not contain any HDMI or mini-HDMI inputs on the Joi Con or on the body. Because of this, you are bound to use the Dock that came out of the package, for the Standard or Pro Nintendo Switch, and connect this to your TV.

In the next paragraph, we will see in detail how to connect the best console on the market also with a mini HDMI cable from the socket input.

How to connect Switch to TV without dock

How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV

But what if you have a TV with an available HDMI input but the Dock is broken? In this case, you cannot connect the Dock and you will be left without playing, right? In fact, this is not the case, there is a system to free you from the Dock and connect you directly to the TV, but the latter must necessarily have an HDMI input.

To do this, all you have to do is purchase a USB-C to HDMI adapter, this allows you to easily connect your Nintendo Switch to your TV without using the docking station.

As we expected earlier, the console features USB-C inputs for shipment Which also allows data to pass through. This technology can help you deliver in-game images directly to your TV, without going through the main Dock. Obviously you will need one quality converter For maximum performance which you can find on Amazon.

Once the Switch arrives at your home, let’s see how you can install and use it with the Switch.

You will encounter a product with dimensions included, with a cable about 11 cm long, socket USB-C And three inbound and outbound, to be exact USB 3.0, HDMI And the Type C female. Take the adapter and plug the Type-C jack on your adapter, the input is on the middle top of the front case. At this point, take the HDMI cable and insert it into the center of the adapter and connect it in turn to the monitor or TV on which you intend to play.

At this point we just have to turn on the support and you can do it by connecting it to a charger, placed in the socket, via the Type C female input. Set the source to the TV where you have installed the HDMI cable and you will magically see what is on the console displayed on the screen.

How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV without HDMI

How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV

Have you found yourself running out of HDMI cables, but still want to play Nintendo Switch on your TV? Or do you have a very old TV that has no inputs at all? Then you have to do more to find a workaround.

First of all, you need to understand what television you have available to you, or rather, what inputs it offers you. To do this, you must necessarily look behind the TV and read the writings placed under the various inputs. You can find five different types of inputs to connect the adapter to: scartAnd the RGBAnd the YPbPrAnd the DVI And the VGA.

Among these solutions we recommend portals scartAnd the DVI And the VGAalthough it does not support 1080p resolution, but you will find it easily USB-C adapters at low cost. Bring headphones as these formats only transmit video and no sound.

As with the previous procedure, you just need to connect the adapter to the input and turn on the console.

How to connect the adapter to the TV via bluetooth

How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV

We are sure that you turned up your nose when you read that DVI, VGA and Scart ports do not allow you to transmit audio like HDMI ports, but only video. If you have no intention of equipping yourself with headphones and connecting them to the console, you can choose to activate Bluetooth and take advantage of the best portable speaker. The goal is to send an audio signal to a speaker or more external speakers, through Bluetooth’s Switch, to allow you to play as if you were connected with an HDMI cable.

To do this, in addition to equipping yourself with a Bluetooth speaker, you will need to access the home screen, press the gear icon and go to settings out of order. Make sure the option is turned on Bluetooth audioIf it’s not there, update your Nintendo Switch and it will magically appear among the options.

In the settings select Add device Choose the Smart Teller you want to pair with. After waiting a few seconds, press OK You will have connected the controller to the speaker. Clicking on the device name will disconnect.

The switch does not connect to the TV

It sounded very simple, right? In fact, the procedure for Connect Nintendo Switch to the TV It’s super easy, even if you don’t have the original HDMI cable or Dock. Obviously in IT and when you interact with technology products, you may encounter inexplicable problems such as completely black screen and screen disturbances. Let’s see how to solve the most common problems.

  • Nintendo Switch does not display images even when docked: In this case, turn off the TV and disconnect all cables from both the Switch and the TV itself. Unplug the power cord and wait at least 30 seconds, making sure that the power adapter used is model no. HAC-002 It has no cuts or signs of wear.
  • Faulty transformer: If you’re using a converter for Switch, it’s imperative that it be of good quality, otherwise you’ll end up with a pretty black screen and crackling background sounds. We advise you to use a quality converter, such as the one suggested in the previous lines.
  • Storms force: If you no longer see anything on the screen after a severe storm, don’t worry, the voltage peak may cause temporary damage. To try resetting the console, unplug all power cords and wait a few minutes.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch Lite to TV

How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV

I have decided to buy one Nintendo Lite Thinking of using it just for portability, but want to invent something to hook it up to your TV? Although it would be interesting to consider using an adapter to connect it to the TV, unfortunately this will not yield any results. The Lite version is designed for mobile use only and all technologies that allow screen adaptation are prevented. Therefore, we advise you not to purchase an adapter unnecessarily and then not be able to install it.

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