How to choose a suitable fan?

Much cheaper than installing air conditioners, efficient and environmentally friendly fans are the real solution for hot weather. Here’s how to choose an efficient fan that fits your needs to maximize the beneficial effect.

How do the fans work?

A fan does not produce cold air, but it does stir the air in the room in which it is placed. Therefore the air remains the same temperature. So where does the freshness that the device brings come from? The effectiveness of a ventilator lies in its relationship with the human body. In fact, the skin heats the layer of air that surrounds it, eventually exceeding the temperature of the room. By renewing the air, the fan places a new layer of air around the skin, reheating it and maintaining the pleasant sensation of fresh air.

The airflow created by the fan then dries the sweat produced by the body in case of high heat. The water contained in sweat consumes calories, that is, heat by evaporation, that is, by changing its state. It is this phenomenon that allows the human body to cool down naturally.

small area and large force or vice versa

In order to interact with the human body as we just saw, the fan must provide a constant airflow through the motor. Then there are two schools. First comes the most classic device: blades like the Proline PVP40 pedestal fan. The latter relies on high rotational speeds and small blade surfaces.

The second category works in reverse with a large air circulation surface and less power. These are his Tower fans, such as Rowenta Urban Cool column fans. Particularly compact devices of this type often consume less energy.

Juan Rowenta

Noise, mobility, remote controls…the details that make the difference

Fans are chosen not only for their efficiency, but also for their ease of use. The presence of a remote control like the premium ROWENTA Urban Cool VU6770F0 fan allows adjustment from any room without getting up and booting.

Consider choosing a quiet model if you use the fan for a good night’s sleep. The Turbo Silence Extrême+ fan from the same manufacturer, for example, offers a night mode of just 38 dB, ensuring peace of mind. Finally, choose to move the fan on wheels around your home as needed.


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