How to change username on Mac

Generally Username on me mac It appears in two separate places: in the account name and in the folder called Home. According to common practice, and by this we refer to what happens in other operating systems or websites, even the username associated with our identity on macOS is replaceable.

On the other hand – we certainly do not find out today – there may be the most disparate reasons why we should do so Replace the old name with a new one; Either because your IT manager used the wrong username, or because you need to shorten a very long name, or because, after inheriting an old Mac, you want to limit yourself to they change previous account without creating a new one.

Be careful though, because This is not a process to be taken lightly. In fact, if mistakes are made during the procedure, the risk is to end up with a hacked account, which in concrete terms means not being able to log in with the person’s profile.

To prevent this from happening, we have prepared a detailed guide on How to change mac usernameBy following the steps described in the article, you will be able to get a new name in a few minutes without any risks.

Back up your data

Prevention is better than cure. Since this is a delicate procedure, it is highly recommended that you back up the most important data stored in your computer’s memory. This way, even if something goes wrong, you still have a lifeline to hold on to.

If you have any doubts about how to proceed, we invite you to read the chapter Backup with time machine Included in our guide on how to reset your Mac and reinstall macOS.

Sign in to another administrator account

To change your username on a Mac You must first log out of your account and log in to another administrator account. If you don’t have one yet, you can always create a new one through the section Users and groups. Here’s how.

Click apple list (the apple icon at the top left), then press System Preferences.

In the new window that opens, click Users and groups.Mac Users and Groups

Click on the padlock in the lower left to continue (you will immediately be asked to enter the password associated with your account).Mac Lock users and groups

After opening, click the button “+” placed below “Login Options” to add a new user.Add a Mac userOn the new screen, make sure “boss” next to the entry “new account”, then enter the full name, username, and password of the new administrator. Once done, click on the button “create user” for Add a new administrator account.Create a new account on MacNow all you have to do is Restart your computer And when you log in, Sign in with the newly created account.

Rename your home folder

The next step is Rename the home folder. Keep in mind, instead of the home page, your username actually appears, which is the name you want to change, so keep that in mind home folder = username folder.

Another important thing is the Apple Support page, to indicate how important the renaming is Before This folder and just after switch to changing the name from the account. Below are the steps to complete.

Open the app discovererthen press “he goes” And the “Go to folder”.

Mac go to folder

Write now “/users” (without the quotes) and click the button “he goes” To access the home folders of all available accounts.Mac Go to the Users folder

After a while, a new window will open with all the main folders of the previously created accounts. In our example, the main folder that we will rename is the folder called “federicopisanu”.

Mac home folder

Right-click on the main folder that you want to rename, and select the item “rename” Type the new username without leaving any spaces. We chose, for example, to pass Federico Besano to me Frederick.

Change the username on a Mac

to confirm your selection, Enter the password for the administrator account under which you are making the change. We have previously created a test profile, so we will enter the password for this account. After entering the password, click the button “yes” to complete.

Mac Finder Change the home folder name password

Once you’ve renamed the home folder for your personal account, You can continue to change the account name.

Rename the account

The last step required to change the Mac username is to rename the account via partition Users and groups included in System Preferences, making sure to use the same name you chose to rename your home folder. Below are the steps to complete.

open the apple listthen select System Preferences and click Users and groupsthen tap the lock at the bottom left and enter the password of the account used to unlock all functions.

Now move the cursor to the account you want to rename, then press and hold the button control And at the same time do it Left buttonthen select the item “Advanced Options”. The following screen will open.

Advanced User Options for Mac

The items to be modified are: “account name” And the “main folder”: In both fields you must enter the name of the new user, the same one that was chosen to rename the folder. Still refer to our example, besides “account name” We write Frederick And next to “main folder” We replace Federico Besano with Frederickleaving the first part unchanged “/Users/”. Once done, press the button “yes” bottom right to make changes.Rename Mac accounts

That’s it. Currently, for the changes to take effectits enough Restart your computer. On the next reboot, log in with your personal account and make sure everything is in order.


In this guide we explained to you How to change username on mac, shows you the steps to take step by step. For any doubt or question, we remain available in the comments space.

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