How Steam Works: A Complete Guide

you find out How Steam. Here is a complete guide on everything you need to know about the best online gaming platform.

Fans of computer games are aware of the fact that every year they can count on discounts and promotions thanks to the most popular platforms. Among the most famous, appreciated and used services in the world, it is definitely one steamwhich is a platform with dedicated software and a special store where you can buy keys for digital games, such as Instant Gaming for PC or Steam Deck.

Perhaps you just heard about it, but have never dealt with this service, in the next few lines we will understand how to register, how to buy and install games on Steam. We advise you to be patient because it is a platform that particularly cares about user safety and, therefore, you will have to enter the control codes several times.

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What is Steam and how does it work


steam It is not just a digital store where you can find titles for your personal computer, but it extends into a real system where gamers can get information, share information and reviews and start video games.

The process is very intuitive, you will have to create a user account and use the online platform software on your computer, so that there is a link between your purchases and the addresses that have to start from this account obviously.

By installing the software, you will get access to the main dashboard, where you can manage your account, game settings, and purchase your desired titles. Inside the program is a library of all the video games you’ve purchased on Steam over time, providing you with a quick tool to enjoy them. But now let’s see how to register and start using the service.

How to create a Steam account

How does steam work?

Creating a profile on Steam is completely free, you will not have to pay any registration fees, and the platform only requires payment when purchasing a game.

The first step to creating a Steam account is to go to the main internet page and click on the option sign in. If you already have a profile, just enter one Username or e-mail and The password; But if you don’t have one, you should click Join Steam. Enter your email and select a file reference country slime captcha which will appear on your screen.

Steam powered

Give your consent that you are at least 13 years old and complete the registration wizard. The online store will send you a confirmation email with an alphanumeric code, enter it in the link it will attach to you and you will be official on the platform.

Once you’re signed in, you’ll be able to take a look at the online store and some, but not all, of the features. To access the full program, you will need to download it.

Italian steam

In order to be able to download the program, go back to the official Steam page and click Install Steamthe near present sign in. You will be able to choose the installation file for Windows and macOS operating systems. Once downloaded, you will need to install the program and log in with the data that you registered before. Now you will have all functions and game library available for viewing and installation.

Steam is also available as an Android and iOS mobile app.

How to buy and install a game

Steam storage

However, creating an account and installing Steam is not enough to play, you must also purchase a video game and install it later, but how do you do that?

Run the program installed on your operating system and open the section ShopHere, you will find all the games that are available on Steam, whether they are purchasable or not.

Section Shop di will suggest addresses of the moment, but you can expand the search for both categories through the custom search bar. If you have any chance to buy Tekken 7 After watching the new trailer, you can Type the name of the gameIn the field near, The different versions available will appear.

Steam Italia

Choose the one you want by clicking on the game image, and a card with all the information will open. Steam, unless you decide to disable this functionality in Settings, will show you the game trailer and some purchase items below.

cold customer

To purchase the game, click here add to cart And choose from the option buy me or Buy as a giftto gift a game on Steam.

steam store

At this point, Steam will ask you to enter your payment method, and you can use either an external method, such as a debit or credit card; Internally, with the Steam Digital Wallet.

vapor packs

After completing the purchase, the game will be available in a domain book shelflocated in the top menu. To start the installation, right-click on it and select Installations. The program will download and install the selected game. You can also download multiple games at the same time and Steam will automatically queue them up.

How to put money on Steam

Add friends on Steam

We expected that you could pay for games on Steam using them traditional payment circuitsboth with me Credits already in the platform wallet. Just like a piggy bank, a Steam Wallet can help you top up money and then use it whenever you want. But why use credits instead of the traditional payment method? In many cases, there are special offers only for those who already have money in their virtual wallet.

To enter money into your Steam wallet, you must enter your profile and click on the item View your portfolio. Then directly into the section Add money to your Steam Wallet Just click on Add funds And choose the amount to be charged: 5€, 10€, 25€, 50€, 100€.

You cannot pay certain values, but only fixed blocks ranging from 5 € to 100 €. However, you can perform as many consecutive refills as you like. The platform will ask you to make the payment using the most popular methods, visa, MasterCard, Paypal Absolutely, arm yourself with data before you begin.

How to request a refund on Steam

Steam application

One of the reasons Steam has become a very popular platform among PC gamers is Fixed returns. Indeed, with this site You can experience the game up to 119 minutes Then asked for a refund without any problem. As you can imagine, it’s a real plus as you might want to try a game, but then find yourself with a completely unsatisfactory product on your hands.

But how do you start a refund in the online store? To do this you need a file Direct contact with supportSpeed ​​up your search by clicking on this page. Sign in with your account and then click the shopping. Find and click on the purchase you want to redeem. If your purchase is not listed, it falls outside the refund period and cannot be refunded.

Please select the problem you are having with the product. Click enter refund request, then choose whether you want to receive it on your card or directly on your Steam digital wallet. Fill out the application form and submit it.

Click the dropdown menu to select a file steam wallet or the original payment method. At this point, you should receive an email confirming that your application has been successfully submitted.

How to redeem the code on Steam

Store management games

You will often need to redeem a Steam code, due to the fact that you may find game keys cheaper on another platform. Once you have the key, to activate it in the store you have to start the program on your computer and access your account, you will find the option Add a gamebottom left.

Choose Activate a product on Steam and click Come on And on cucumbers Approved. At this point, enter the code you have available and redeem it. If the code is valid, the store will send you a positive notification and add the game directly to the library of purchased titles.

As before, you can now start the download and then the installation. If you are unable to retrieve the key, first contact the support of the platform that sold you the key and then Steam support.

How to share games on Steam


To share your games, launch the Store software, and after logging in, hit the icon at the top right Big picture modenext to your account name. Once you are in the big picture mode, press up Settings (gear icon) > Family Sharing Library And on the next page, select the users you want to share with book shelf. Guests and family members will be able to play games by saving their game progress to the Steam Cloud and creating their own achievements.

How to change email on Steam

Steam online

To change your Steam email address, you need:

  1. Open the Steam client and click on the Steam menu > Settings at the top.
  2. Under the tab, you must press the “Account” button and select the “Change email address” button.
  3. Select how you want to change the email address, whether by receiving a verification code or otherwise.
  4. Support will email you a verification code, which you have to enter on the screen.
  5. Return to Steam and after entering the code, change the email address in the appropriate field.

How to contact Steam Support if you have a problem

As already described in the chapter on how to request a refund on Steam, for Contact support You can connect to this page and browse through the different order types. Reports include: Steam Guard purchases, games, endorsements, account, Steam client, hardware, and Steam community.

There is also a search field where you can refine your needs to find more information.

How safe is steam?

top steam

steam It is a digital video game store platform where users risk nothing. This is because Steam is safe and reliable in terms of payment, privacy and refund policies.

The minimum age to use Steam is 13 years old, and it is preferable not to use it under this age. This is because the platform and chat community are characterized by voice and text messages, and malicious people can easily lure minors. That’s why the gaming platform saw fit to offer Parental control Which you can activate by going to the icon Big picture modeat the top next to your account name, > Settings > Family View.

On this page, you can restrict access to some of your chosen features by selecting the item Use the family view. When entering a version of Steam that is not protected by parental controls, you will need to set the the blade pin.

Then select Online Content and Features to access your account: Steam StoreAnd the Community generated contentAnd the friendsAnd the chat And the groupsAnd the My online profile. press up Come onEnter the email for Recover your “Family View PIN”in case it gets lost and complete the whole thing.

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