How much will minimum pensions really rise in 2023?

The Meloni government relies on minimum pensions and recognizes a slightly higher increase than would have resulted if it had not been implemented
no modification. In fact, like the other social security funds, the minimum pension will benefit from the revaluation increase at the beginning of 2023, a tool used to adjust the level to the evolution of the price index recorded over the past year. For 2023, Istat has already determined a provisional rate of 7.3%
Applied to the minimum pension, the amount would have increased from the current EUR 525.38 to EUR 563.73.

However, the maneuver stipulates that the revaluation will exceptionally be 120% for minimum pensions, i.e. for a rate of 8.76%. This results in an increase of 46.02 euros, around 8 euros more than with the 100% revaluation. Therefore, the minimum pension in 2023 is 571.40 euros, 7,428.20 euros per year. An increase that will benefit those who have a lower pension than the above amount: it is important to know that there is a tool called integration with the minimum wage that allows those who receive a very low pension a small increase , until exactly the amount of the minimum pension is reached.

However, only those who have a pension that is at least partially calculated with the wage system and have no other income than the pension benefit from this instrument. If there is other income that is below the annual value of the minimum pension, the integration is due, but only partially.


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