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HYPE Premium Account It is a a unique online account since it manages to combine all the typical advantages of 100% digital solutions with a very complete package of services that competes with the more complete traditional accounts. In addition, the HYPE offer has a very low cost, which makes this account even more convenient.

If you choose the HYPE Premium account, you will have access to a Checking account completely and fully controllable online, via HYPE’s digital channels. It should also be noted that the account includes the possibility of unlimited top-ups, Free instant transfers and no commissions on all major trades. With the World Elite Mastercard debit cardalso the Withdrawal is always freein Italy and abroad.

To complete the offer we find a comprehensive insurance package (with travel, shopping and ATM theft policies) and aPremium support via WhatsApp. The HYPE Premium account costs only 9.99 euros per month and is the right choice for all savers who want more from their checking account, with reduced costs and the easy management typical of online accounts.

HYPE Premium Account: the right choice for a complete and easy-to-manage account

Among the many options available in the banking market, HYPE Premium Account it is a real one-off. It is an online account that offers a very complete package of services at a low cost 9.99 euros per month.

A C is available to you with a HYPE Premium AccountWorld Elite Mastercard debit card (with support for Google Pay and Apple Pay) that allows you to pay and withdraw commission-free anywhere. In addition, the virtual card is immediately available in the app.

Premium Hype Account

It should also be noted that all banking services such as SEPA transfers and instant transfers are free of charge. There are no top-up limits, so the user can freely use the current account at HYPE.

To prevent unexpected events, there are those insurance coverage, usually reserved for credit card holders. HYPE offers the Travel Policies, Purchases and ATM Thefts without additional costs and guarantees its customers additional protection.

To discover the benefits of HYPE Premium Account and request its activation, you can refer to the following link:

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