How much does iPhone 14 SOS satellite service cost?

450 million dollars. This is the cost that Apple had to bear to provide the SOS service via satellite on its new iPhone 14, which will start at the end of the month in the United States and Canada.

The service is guaranteed in partnership with Globalstar carrierand it was possible only thanks to A.S Apple Maxi’s investment in Globalstar itself. Money that will be used to implement advanced systems capable of ensuring that users are “protected” even when there is no terrestrial radio signal.

Globalstar’s ground stations are equipped with high-powered antennas manufactured by Cobham Satcom in California, while about 300 Globalstar employees will be assigned to the new service. The service will use L and S band spectrum specially developed for mobile satellite services by the International Telecommunication Union.

Each time the iPhone 14 makes a request via satellite, the message will be received by one of Globalstar’s 24 low-orbit satellites, then sent to a ground station, which will direct it to emergency services.

Apple’s emergency satellite service, which will be launched at the end of this month in the United States and Canada as we mentioned, offers the first two years for free, after which the customer will have to pay a subscription whose price has not been paid at the moment. It hasn’t been fixed yet.


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