How is Bossy doing after the illness, updates on his health conditions

How is Bossi doing after the illness: In this article the first updates about his health. The politician was hospitalized after falling ill on Saturday, November 19.

The founder of the Northern League, Umberto Bossi, was taken to a hospital in Varese. He had been accused of an illness at his home in Gimonio. At the time of writing this article, Bossy alert. With him in the hospital are his wife and son Renzo, who accompanied him to the emergency room. They are helping him, and as far as is known, the politician has undergone clinical tests that lead to identifying the causes of the disease.

Also at the hospital was MP Angelo Ciocca, who stated: “Bossi has always shown himself to be a lion both in difficult moments of politics and in times of life and health.”

In 2004, Umberto Bossi suffered a stroke.

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