How does the iPhone 14 crash sensor work

With the announcement of the iPhone 14 lineup, Apple also announced that its new devices are equipped with Sensors and technology that can detect that a user has been involved in a car accident.

Once the incident is detected, the iPhone will prompt the user to call 911, and if there is no response, the call will start automatically.

The Wall Street Journal However, he wanted to explore how this mode worked, and hired a specialist driver who was equipped with a special crash-test vehicle. The journalist placed his iPhone 14 and Google Pixel in the cockpit, while the pilot wore an Apple Watch Ultra on his wrist.
Two other smartphones, the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Pixel 6, were placed in the second car, which ran in the test.

After multiple crashes occurred and mixed results were seen from both the iPhone and Pixel, The Wall Street Journal has reached out to Apple for comment.

When I contacted Apple about the results, a company spokesperson said that the test conditions didn’t provide enough signals for the iPhone to activate the feature when it was in a stationary vehicle. Your device must be inside a moving vehicle for shock detection to work.

The WSJ notes that the algorithm takes into account several factors to operate the feature: motion sensors detect sudden changes in motion, microphones can detect loud sounds such as the impact of a crash, a barometer can detect changes in blood pressure in the air when airbags are on, and GPS data (Global Positioning System) can detect GPS), which can detect sudden deceleration in a moving vehicle, and CarPlay and Bluetooth can also understand if a device is already in the vehicle.

The crash detection features of both Google and Apple cannot detect all types of crashes. There’s even a disclaimer within setting up crash detection on newer iPhones that says exactly that. However, in all cases, the devices must first be able to detect that they are inside a moving vehicle.

It is clear that this is a very useful function that can save lives, but we always hope that no one will need to use it.

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