How do you request a complete archive of your Twitter profile?

The chaos unleashed by Elon Musk on Twitter has cast many shadows over the future of the social network, and many experts argue that the CEO’s sweeping layoffs may not give the platform much life. In the past few hours, many stayed, probably panicked Download their data from Twitter.

It all started with an article in The Guardian, where some researchers explained the separationThis may be the time to download your datain such a way that it will always be available even if Twitter goes down, although there are no warnings of this kind at the moment.

Moreover, in the past few hours, more and more users are closing their accounts on the platform and downloading aArchive containing tweets, photos and videos Post since the profile is opened, it can be an excellent solution.

To request a data backup, connect to Twitter from your computer, then click the button with the dot and the three dots on the left and on Settings & Privacy. At this point, in the panel that opens, select “Your account” and then “Download data archive”.

Twitter will usually email it within 24 hours, in the form of a ZIP file.

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