How did dead end walk? The final episode concludes an era without disappointing anyone

How did it end? the walking Dead? As Italian audiences prepare to enjoy the grand finale broadcast today on Disney+, there are already in the US those who can barely close their jaws after a perfect season and series, where everything seems to have fallen into place as they chant ‘we are in’. Living”. That is. In fact, those who followed the series have learned to understand this the walking Dead It was never just a “zombie series” but more than that, the story of survivors caught between life and morality, complex choices and pain, until a few hours earlier, when the curtain fell on their lives.

The ‘living’ also took revenge on those who tried to frame them, kill them, eat them and beat them, but how did it end? the walking Dead And who died in this series finale?

Spoiler alert!

The survivors find themselves trapped between the army UK Parliament And a herd of zombies sent by order of Governor Pamela Melton is ready to flock to the hospital where Daryl and Carol They perform an emergency blood transfusion to save Judith Grimes, who is caught in the crossfire during a shootout with the governor’s soldiers.

Rosa Fr Gabriel and Eugene They separate from the group to join the daughter of the first while Maggie, Negan and Ezekiel They helped General Mercer escape but he refused to stand by while Governor Milton’s army began firing on the citizens caught climbing the gates. At that point, everyone put their lives on the line to open the portals as Negan tried to talk Maggie out of assassinating Governor Milton, offering to shoot the fatal shot if it meant saving Maggie from the consequences.

This changes the course of their relationship as Maggie later admits that she does not want to hate him anymore but she cannot forgive him for killing Glenn. Mercer arrests Governor Milton for serious crimes against the people of the Commonwealth as walkers are charged in and killed in a timed explosion that also destroys the estates.

After a one-year leap, the Commonwealth has found a new beginning under Governor Ezekiel and Representatives Michael Mercer and Carol Peltier, the survivors will work to make it a better place. Eugene and Max They welcomed a baby girl named Rosie. The group consisting of Yumiko, Magna and sisters Kelly and Connie have settled in the Commonwealth, while Lydia and Elijah are messengers to the connected communities in the Commonwealth, Hilltop and Alexandria.

Maggie and her son are back at the Hilltop while Alexandria is back in a safe zone with Gabriel and Aaron, Negan has moved on while Daryl, discovered by Michonne and Rick, decides to leave the kids to take care of Carol and Ezekiel.

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