“Hope” “embarrassing”. Scarpinato and Renzi clash in his 41 bis.

discussion about Alfred Cospit And more generally, spirits flared up in the Senate about the 41-bis prison regime. Matthew Renzithe leader of Italy Viva e Roberto Scarpinato, index of the five-star movement. Senator Pentasterato said,cheek“To a colleague at Italia Viva who, some time ago, declared the untouchability of 41-bis.”political victory“. Scarpinato himself was taken up by President Ignazio La Lussa and encouraged to use the words in context.Address the presidency and through the presidency to other colleagues, perhaps using the appropriate language“.

With spirits boiling in the Senate, the President has had to step in to call for moderation throughout the half-cycle:”Please stop the bad habits you don’t like, that habit howling“.In his moment, Matteo Renzi kindly responded to Roberto Scarpinato’s words:”Senator Scarpinato felt like he was being questioned in my speech, so he started by giving me a cheek.“.

Italian Senator Viva’s rush leaves its mark, but I’m not satisfied, Matteo Renzi continued his speech:Before you give your cheek, please explain, as Honorary President Napolitano is well known, your strange acquaintance with Paramara and your insane demeanor in the institutions of the state.Scarped be ashamed“. Italia viva’s senator has previously insisted he believes”41bis saved the countryAnd, according to Renzi, it was 41bis that politics defeated the Mafia.

Hence the phrase that would have made Senator Scarpinato so nervous:When Minister Martinazzoli built it, he beat it bunker room, and while the other judges attacked Falcone, Minister Martelli summoned him to Rome and 41bis was born.in the face of those who tell us imaginative negotiating statements that allow someone to enter Congress“. Leaving the room, Scarpinato called an uninformed Renzi: “Annulment has not yet been declared, and the letter of appeal confirmed that negotiations had taken place.There is a basic ignorance of the facts. Afterwards, Renzi said that I would have known Paramara, but if there is a magistrate in Italy who does not know Paramara, it is I who never met him.

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