Honor presents the new MagicOS 7.0: here are all the news

Vincent Ronca

Honor is now one of the champions of the smartphone market also thanks to its continued interest in European markets, including the Italian one.

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This also goes from Ongoing software support for its devices on the market, with updates frequently and in a relatively timely manner. Precisely in this context, the company has just formalized its new company MagicOS 7.0the new generation of Android software customization.

This is based on Android 13 and offers a Good amount of news. Let’s take a look at them together in the following list:

  • MagicRing – Ring of Trust, or the new communication platform introduced by Honor. It is a platform that allows for Connection to MagicOS 7.0 from more devices, such as tablets, laptops, or wearables. The connection is supposed to be automatic With a special focus on energy efficiency. In fact, Honor has emphasized how communications can happen in the background with minimal energy expenditure.
  • Smart connectionthanks to which MagicOS 7.0 allows you to use the same keyboard and mouse for different devices, receive calls and notifications on a device other than the main smartphone and run the same application on all connected devices.
  • New honor note, with which you can access your notes offline, which can also be of an audio or video nature. Obviously coupled with MagicRing, it allows synchronization of contents between all connected devices.
  • YOYO Smart Assistanta feature likely reserved exclusively for Chinese users, with which you can receive smart suggestions and launch and interact with apps via voice commands.
  • Honor OS Turbo XAnd the Turbo X GPUs And the Turbo X Link, through which the company makes significant improvements in performance through the support of artificial intelligence. We will hear about it especially in the context of games.
  • MagicGuard Glory Securityis the new dedicated security and privacy dashboard developed by Honor.
  • flow design, is the name that defines all the innovations introduced from the point of view of the graphical interface by Honor. With the screenshot that you find below, you can get a first idea.
  • Honor Sports Health, are all the innovations introduced by the company in the field of monitoring physical activities and functional standards for user health monitoring. This includes more than 300 suggestions that are given automatically based on the physical activities that the user performs.

at the level of the timing Of the release, which is probably among the aspects of interest to those who have an Honor device, the company has informed those for Chinese market.

starts with Honor Magic V Who will receive the new version of MagicOS 7.0 from Dec. The image below will give you all the details. We are waiting to know the expected timing of the markets Europeans.

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