HONOR launches MagicOS 7.0: here are all the news

From China comes news of the launch by honor From MagicOS 7.0the manufacturer’s new custom interface that brings a breath of fresh air with it.

In particular, MagicOS 7.0 improves the user experience in four specific areas: smart connectivity, smart services, performance, privacy, and security.

The goal of the Chinese giant’s developer team is to ensure the convergence of users between devices and applications, and it is clear that this experience will also be part of the HONOR 80 series of smartphones, which will be presented in a few hours.

Major news about HONOR MagicOS 7.0

One of the most important news of MagicOS 7.0 is represented by it magic ringa solution that allows users to share services at the system level, allowing multiple devices to connect automatically with low power consumption.

Designed by HONOR developers, the new system allows users to use the same keyboard and mouse for multiple devices, receive calls and notifications on a device other than a smartphone, and run the same software continuously on all devices.

MagicOS 7.0

Users will benefit from the automatic connection system, fast data transfer, and smooth operating experience.

And again, among the new features of MagicOS 7.0 there are gods Smart advice For different settings (the interface can rely on the quick learning system to help users carry out their daily tasks efficiently), magictext (a solution that provides the ability to recognize text in an image and convert it to a file) and a higher level of customization for the YOYO smart assistant.

Includes MagicOS 7 OS Turbo XAnd the Turbo X GPUs And the Turbo X Linksolutions that use AI preload technology to launch applications faster across more use cases and that can learn to provision resources to applications by visualizing the landscape and understanding users’ needs, ensuring them an overall more agile system and better resource management.

Great attention is also given to security and privacy with the system MagicGuardthanks to which user data is protected from any attackers.

MagicoOS 7.0

Finally, there are graphical novelties (such as the introduction of the Sans character) and improvements in terms of health and supported sports.

The first public beta of HONOR MagicOS 7.0 will be available on Dec From this year to some devices that are marketed in China. This is the roadmap:

MagicoOS 7.0

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