Here’s the first video of the Galaxy S23 Ultra: moving forward is clear

These past few days have been very intense for Samsung. As the company prepares for the official presentation of the new top of the range, the Galaxy S23, which will raise the bar for Android’s flagship sector.

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In the last few hours we have seen become violent Galaxy S23 Ultra rumors, thanks to information shared by Edwards Urbinaa Twitter user based in Nicaragua, I got Share information about your Galaxy S23 Ultra and share information freely even before presenting your device.

In fact, we’ve recently seen the first photographic samples of the S23 Ultra, both in night mode and in comparison to the Pixel 7 Pro.From these, as you’d expect from the top of the Samsung line, the S23 Ultra does a great job at extreme zooms. It also beats it among the best camera phones of all time when it comes to shots.

After seeing its potential in the field of photography, let’s see how the S23 Ultra performs video recording.

the sample i found under It is always shared by Urbina herself and consists of films shot in resolution 8K at 30fps. Easy to grasp Increased liquidity Compared to video shot in 8K at 24 fps by the S22 Ultra.

Fluency yet number one If you watch the second video below.This is a video taken at 4K at 60fps. Shooting conditions are daylight. good dynamic rangeWho knows how it will behave in low light.

I reiterate that we should get a sample of all the videos and photos that have been leaked so far minimum with pliers, basically because you don’t know what type of device the same user sharing them has.there may also be about it pre-production unitwith software Not fully optimized yet.

Either way we know it very little is missing With the official launch of the new Galaxy S23.

Scheduled to be held next time February 1.

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