here’s how to duplicate “shiny” Pokémon

Filled with bugs like rarely an episode of the franchise before it, the pair Pokemon ScarletPokémon Purple would not refrain from being viciously exploited by the most motivated players. While you wait for an official patch to be implemented, here’s the procedure to follow to restore as many “shiny” Pokémon as you want.

To give the impression of a privileged ambition to the finish, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple cannot remain indifferent. Either by having an open world that is more appealing than anything else, or by feeling that every discordant element of these games can be reused to the user’s benefit.

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Shiny or “Shiny” Pokémon are rare and valuable Pokémon. But thanks to or thanks to a bug, those same pocket watches could become commonplace Pokémon Scarlet/Purple.

Pokémon Scarlet/Violet: Same “shiny” endlessly duplicable, pending a patch

This is Austin John Plays’ YouTube account that paves the way to catching the same “shiny” Pokémon as many times as you want. For starters, when you enter, you need to be near an area that doesn’t prompt a loading screen. First condition easy to fulfill because it is enough to finally approach an open city.

The second condition is a bit more complicated to obtain, as it requires encountering a “shiny” Pokémon. It should be noted that it is possible to perform this manipulation with a different type of Pokémon. Once the pocket monster is discovered, you need to catch it and then head towards the aforementioned area.

When the name of the city appears on the screen, you must save your game and then exit. By charging it, you still have the captured “shiny” Pokémon in your possession, but returning to the scouting room allows the same “shiny” Pokémon to reappear and also be captured in turn. And so on. According to the YouTuber, the problem could be due to the game not resetting wild Pokémon when leaving a city.

It’s very likely that Game Freak will roll out a patch soon to put some order in all of this. But how far?

Source: Austin John Plays YouTube account (via VGC)

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