Here’s a giant “sandy battery” that could be very useful in the future

We know that solar (the cheapest in history), wind, hydropower and other renewable energy sources are capable of providing unlimited energy … although The world’s ability to store it is experiencing some logistical problems. From this point of view, research has become indispensable, and there is a new idea.

we are talking about “Sand batteryWhich stores energy in the form of heat in a huge sand pit, where it retains the excess energy generated by the wind and the sun, to be then unloaded in times of need. The storage capacity is 8 megawatts / hour of energy, while about 200 kilowatts can be unloaded and stored for months.

The main task is to use it as a high-energy, high-capacity storage tank for excess wind and solar energy. Energy is stored as heat, which can be used to heat homes or to provide hot steam and heating for industries that often rely on fossil fuels.Polar Night Energy (PNE) writes in a statement.

just to be clear, Storing energy in the form of heat is not a new idea, but storing them in sand can be a fairly effective solution. In fact, the substance has a much higher boiling point and can store much more energy than a tank of water of similar size.

PNE already has it Such a large battery in a small town called Kankaanpää In western Finland, where it helps heat homes and the local swimming pool. By the way, to stay on topic here is the battery powered by two drops of water.

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