here is what Hadja Lahbib said to the president of FIFA

Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib wore the ‘One Love’ bracelet, which had been denied to the Red Devils and other national teams, during Belgium’s first World Cup match against Canada in Qatar on Wednesday.

Hadja Lahbib was present in the grandstand next to FIFA president Gianni Infantino and president of the Belgian federation Paul Van den Bulck.

Unlike the players of Germany, who apparently covered their mouths in the traditional team photo a few hours earlier before kick-off, the Red Devils did not play before the match.

The seven European federations, including Belgium, which had planned to have their captains wear a colored “One Love” armband against discrimination, gave up on Monday following FIFA’s threat of “sports sanctions”, which did not specify.

The minister revealed why she decided to wear the bracelet with the RTBF microphone. “I know that Eden Hazard would have liked to wear the armband on the field. That the Foreign Minister is the spokesperson in the stands, I thought that was an important message.”

“Gianni Infantino explained to me why he made this decision,” she continued. He fears that masses of messages will be passed through intermediaries and I understand that very well. He thinks it’s a political message and I think it’s a universal message, but I respect his point of view. We totally got along. It was very cordial. He didn’t have a yellow or red card, that was not necessary. »

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