Here is the 8.6 beta version

Android Auto gets another update from Google and this time it’s also a new beta: indeed the Version 8.6 betathe highly anticipated interface codenamed ‘coolwalk’. Recently the beta version 8.5 was released, however, the Mountain View giant has not been able to complete all the work in the pipeline and, among other things, there are still numerous problems, some in progress, others under investigation.

That Android Auto team Needs bug reports to further investigate Pixel 7 phones failing to connect to app and randomly disconnecting infotainment system on Pixel 7 and not connecting after Android 13 update. Google is investigating and investigating the major icon issue after Android 12 upgrade the user-submitted bug reports regarding the black screen disruption occurring when connected wirelessly. The Californian manufacturer has tested the major redesign of the app for many users and it is already underway test phase of the next Version 8.6 beta out Android Auto.

In any case, the new version does not bring any visible innovations, so it is possible that it is an update that brings with it various bug fixes and improvements from a general point of view of the system. Even those who asked for it Access the beta program the navigation platform have the opportunity to test the new Coolwalk interface. As the maximum number of participants allowed has been reached, registrations are closed until today, but it is said that the situation cannot change. However, new versions of the app can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.


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