Here is a glimpse of the WhatsApp Avatars

Developers Team The WhatsApp It engages in endless work aimed at constantly improving the popular instant messaging service across platforms, whether by introducing new features or by fixing various bugs encountered, all with the aim of ensuring a richer and more enjoyable experience.

Among the many innovations that will soon be made available to all users and which are already made available at the moment Enabled in the beta channel There is also that Gods: This is the possibility to create a virtual character that reflects your physical characteristics and use it as a profile picture and as beautiful content to share with friends.

How does the WhatsApp avatar work

The WhatsApp developer team has decided to get serious about avatar customization and users will have the opportunity to choose from many different options, in order to create a virtual character as similar as possible to what is in appearance, while including minor details.

Once your avatar has been created, it will then be possible to use it as a profile picture or even in chats with various stickers.

We hope this feature will soon be made available to all users by implementing it in a stable version of the app.

How to download new versions of the app

If you want to try the latest available versions of WhatsApp Beta for Android, you can do so through the Play Store by subscribing to the beta test channel (you can find the page dedicated to this program by following this link).

Those who were unable to sign up for the beta program but would still like to try out new versions of the instant messaging app in advance have the option to do so by manually installing the relevant APK files, which can be downloaded from APK Mirror (find the dedicated page by following this link) .

The stable version of the app can be downloaded from the Play Store with the following badge:

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