here are the bulletins of the Red Devils against Canada

8 Courteous
: Already the savior of the nation when he diverts a penalty from Davies by correctly putting in on his right (9th). He celebrated like his save against Neymar in 2018. Keeping an eye out for a shot from Johnston where he pushes back with both fists (30th) and a header from Larin.

5 Dark
: Rather than Zeno Debast, he looked very timid in the first period. He multiplied the backpasses instead of playing forward. Hampered by Canadian pressure like his two acolytes in central defence. Again taken by David on a long cross (48th) but he cuts in perfectly for Davies (70th) and against Larin (90th). A head unframed (85th).

6.5 Alderweireld
: His long ball to find Batshuayi on the opener is perfect (44th). Far from being the only one, because he multiplied the openings both to the left and to the right because of the back pressure. Often with success. Undoubtedly the member of the defensive trio who best held his rank defensively. Has often played the fire service as his intervention fifteen minutes from the end for Larin.

5 Vertonghen
: Tackled short by Buchanan in the first seconds of the encounter, he was the first to realize the muscular desire of the “Canucks”. Has often defended by stepping back against faster opponents. Sometimes one against two because Carrasco was caught behind his back.

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4 Chestnut
: It was not good to be around Alphonso Davies and the Belgian side learned the hard way in the first period. He managed to stop him just before half an hour before making a good comeback towards Batshuayi (32nd). A few races to give Alderweireld a solution. Some risky back passes, including a bouncing ball well controlled by Courtois (52nd).

4.5 Whites
: De Liègeois was “moved” by his opponents for much of the first period before flexing his muscles a bit. Caught between the offensive and the Canadian midfielders, he was only too able to help the Devils’ defensive trio. A little more control in the second half.

4.5 Tiemans
: After three games away from the starting eleven, the Leicester player has made his comeback. With a complicated start where he got carried away by the Canadian passion and couldn’t help his defenders get the ball out cleanly. Following the offensive climbs well by sprinting where the spaces were.

3.5 Carrasco
: A complicated first period for the Atlético player who was caught behind his back a few times and especially authored a hand that offered Canada a penalty after a strike by Buchanan (9th). Nice racing on the 1-0 where he feels the blow just like Batshuayi.

5.5 Eden Hazard
: He starts very badly by practically offering a goal ball on a suicidal back pass (14th) before getting going. Some technically interesting ranges and world-class controls to show in all schools (23rd). Still gets rid of his direct opponent with a fake body before giving way to Trossard (62nd). An earthquake?

4 DeBruyn
: Very uninspired in his passing where he usually excels. He forgets Tielemans (19th) and misses his transmission to Hazard (45th). A good cross to Batshuayi (33rd) but far too many signs of nervousness, especially when he made it clear to Alderweireld to look elsewhere when he consulted Martinez moments after the 1-0. The best – two good balls to Batshuayi – in the second half but not yet Manchester City’s “KDB”.

6 Batshuayi
: His run into the back of the defense and half volley recovery are perfect on the opener (44th). His 27th goal in the squad. Before and after this action, he had several batting opportunities (2, 23, 33, 67th) but to no avail. He spoils two situations on a pass from “KDB” when he doesn’t go to the ball (66th) or hits slow (67th).

The alternates

5 Onana: very quickly warned against too muscular a duel, he had little impact in the heart of the game. A good roulette but also a center that completely missed when he had time (53rd).

5 miller: warned of an elbow on Davies a few minutes after coming on, he offered Canada a dangerous free kick (60th). Attempts to strike from the outside when there is better to do (90e).

6 Trossards: Fitted in place of Eden Hazard just after the hour mark, he stood out with a nice heel. Launched by De Bruyne, he failed to follow and lost the ball (87th).

NK Openda: mounted in the dying minutes, he forces Johnstone into a dangerous tackle and synonymous with a yellow card by overtaking him.

The coach

5 Martinez
: Of the two choices the manager had to make, he chose Dendoncker and not Debast as the third element of the central defense and set De Bruyne high by giving Tielemans a starting place next to Witsel. Not completely satisfied with his choices, the Catalan did not hesitate to make two substitutions from the break. He eliminated Tielemans and Carrasco. Reinforcing the midfield with Onana and avoiding a second yellow by raising Meunier.

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