Here are some of the devastating effects of light pollution on your health

As we approach manually dimming the sun to save ourselves from climate change, have you ever wondered how light pollution affects our health? A new study confirms some of the older research and reveals important new information that is often overlooked.

It appears that more than nine million Chinese will develop diabetes, in particular Excessive exposure to artificial night light. These are the results of a new study made up of a heterogeneous sample of volunteers.

Women and men with an average age of about 43 and from 162 different regions in China were subject to the new research which found that the prevalence of diabetes was More than 28% of the population most exposed to artificial night lightalso called LAN (light at night) of those with less exposure.

Among other things, it was there in the most illuminated areas at night one additional case of diabetes per 42 people Compared to the darker centres. It must be emphasized that the scientific literature has over the years dealt with the harmful effects of artificial light on animals, plants, and humans, and the new study’s discovery only confirms how light pollution negatively affects our bodies.

Among other things, LAN acts for example on plants, lengthening the pollen season, altering the circadian rhythm of many animals and Increases the risk of coronary heart disease In subjects that work mainly during the night hours.

Despite this, the authors of the new study emphasized how nighttime light pollution is It has not received much attention from scholars over the years and how it is rather necessary to conduct new research aimed at confirming that the association between diabetes and light pollution is not just random. If at this point you are wondering how dangerous light pollution is in the area where you live, you can easily check it yourself, in order to raise awareness of those close to you.

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