“He should have kept his mouth shut and played better” (video)

This Wednesday, at the end of Belgium’s win against Canada, Red Devils captain Eden Hazard was questioned about the gesture of the German team whose players had posed on Wednesday with their hands over their mouths for the pre-match photo against Japan. This symbolic gesture denounced FIFA and its decision to ban the “One Love” bracelet from the fields in Qatar.

When asked about the choice not to wear this armband with the TV2 microphone, Eden Hazard explained that he made this decision to avoid being shown a yellow card at the start of the game. “A lot has been said. I’m here to play football. I didn’t want to start the game with a yellow card, that would have been problematic for the rest of the tournament,” he explained. again, maybe I would have worn it.”

The Brainois also commented on the gesture of protest by the German players. “I enjoyed it, but then they lost the game. They should have done better to win the game! I’m not here to send a political signal. There are people better placed than me for that. »

Words that incite Marc Delire to reactions in the program “Le Vestiaire” this Thursday. “We know Eden, he may have said it in the form of a joke, but if he says that I’m not convinced? I think maybe he should have closed it and played better, ”launched the journalist.

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