He Already Has Your Eyes, the must-see series on Disney+ from November 23, 2022

As always, there are always new things to see on the streaming platform Disney +. Starting next Wednesday, November 23, films, series and documentaries will be added to the catalog. But back to the series, there will be one title to discover this week on Disney+.

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He Already Has Your Eyes (2020)

-13.4 I6.2-

  • Broadcast date: November 23
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Director: Lucien Jean-Baptiste
  • distribution : Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Issa Maiga, Aryeh Elmaleh, Michel Bouheri, Marie-Philomine Nja, Bass Dahm, Delphine Theodore

Synopsis: It’s been several years since a black couple conceived of Paul and Sally Aluka, and adopted little Benjamin, a white child. Their child is now a very happy 14-year-old who also has a 13-year-old brother named Noah.

But unlike his older brother, Noe is the biological son of Paul and Sally. In the end, we can say that Paul and Sally got the family they had always dreamed of. This unparalleled fun family never goes unnoticed anywhere.

Their families never miss an opportunity to integrate into their home and have their say on everything. In this series, which is a sequel to the movie of the same name released in 2017, you will follow the new adventures of the Aloka family.

The plot of the movie “He Already Has Eyes”

Paul and Sally are a very ordinary young couple. However, only one thing is still missing for their happiness. Their biggest wish is to finally have a baby. After several failed attempts, Paul and Sally finally choose to adopt. After a while, they finally got the call they were hoping for.

The adoption agency contacted them to let them know that their adoption file was approved. Paul and Sally are now happy parents to six-month-old little Benjamin. However, something is wrong. The baby is blonde with blue and white eyes, while his new parents are black.

Although they don’t mind it, those around them never miss an opportunity to point it out. Paul and Sally’s work will be for them, because in addition to their new role as parents, they will have to put up with the comments of those around them. Thus begins the adventure of this little family.

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