Harry Kane is fit to play against USA

England captain Harry Kane has been declared fit to play against the US on Friday (8pm CET) after sustaining a right ankle injury against Iran on Monday.

“He’s okay. He still worked a little bit individually today (Thursday, editor’s note), but he’ll be back with the team tomorrow (Friday, editor’s note) and everything is going well for the game,” coach Gareth announced Southgate in an interview on the ITV channel.

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Kane suffered a blow to the ankle in a tackle against Iran in the 50th minute of the match, which did not stop him from playing for another 25 minutes before being substituted.

“I (held my breath) when he fell to the ground, but once he played through, everything was fine,” the coach assured, even though the player was spared after that and passed a scanner on Wednesday. “We checked just to be sure (…) but everything is fine,” Southgate added.

“It wasn’t so much the ankle as the foot. It was a really bad tackle, but one that we luckily got out of without too much damage,” the coach continued with relief, while a victory over the Americans, after the offensive demonstration against Iran (6-2), would send their team to the sending eighth finals.

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