Handball | The HC Visé BM shook Bocholt this Thursday evening! (24-26)

Sébastien Danesi, the Visé rearguard. -Edo Mundzic

Handball | The HC Visé BM shook Bocholt this Thursday evening! (24-26)

Posted on Thursday, November 24, 2022 at 10:49 PM

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HC referred BM (24):
Plessers (50′), Delatte (10′); Brixhe, Gava, Ranc, Destexhe 1, Massat, Nguema 4, Boyon, Lahonda 1, Hougardy, Bello 5, Hadzic 4 p., S. Danesi 4, Vancosen 5

Seasons Bocholt (26):
Leroy (58′), Gijbels (2′); Winters 3, Spooren 8, Valkenborgh, Lamers, Driesen 4, Roelants, Claessens, Ceyssens, Stauven 1, D’Hanis 9, De Beule 1, Doms.

IF :
10th (46); 20th (8-12); 30th (13-15); 40th (18-16); 50th (22-22).

5×2′ at Visé BM; 2×2′ + 1 cr in Bocholt.


MM. Martens and Schols.

Hamza Hadzic was present, but only went up on penalties. It was he who immediately gave the Mosans a 2-1 lead, but the reaction of the Kempen was not expected from Winters, De Beule and Driessen.

It was also through their wingers that the visitors found the opening to lead the debate from two goals (5-7) to four goals (7-11 at 17 minutes). Ecart qui se maintenait jusqu’à six minutes du repos f(10-14) avant de voir les « bleu et blanc » revenir à deux unités au changement de côté par Hadzic sur un 3e penalty, Nguema et Danesi (13-15) au peace. Thomas Cauwenberghs’ tactical substitution with two pivots and 7 field players pays off at the restart.

The locals turned the game around with a hat-trick from Bello while Plessers unleashed several hot balls (20-17 at 44′). But in the last quarter of an hour, Spooren and Co recovered. the tie (22-22 at 50′). The money-time was hot with the red card from Lamers and 2′ for Danesi, while Spooren again and Driessens knocked HC BM out in the last minute (24-26).


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