Grey’s Anatomy 18 on La7: Episode Preview Nov. 21

Get back on the air instinct anatomy 18 on A7 Three new episodes Monday 21st November, for the first time ever. Below are the previews.

Starts fromEpisode 18 x 09 by address It’s not the time to diethe summary of which we report:

Owen is rescued by the Station 19 fire crew and taken to Gray Sloan, but his leg is shattered and requires surgery. Hayes gives the donor heart to Farouk Winston, who notices a bruise on his heart. Winston calls Maggie for back-up in the operating room, and they successfully transplant the heart.

To continue, theRing 18″ x 10″. titled Living in a split house:

After the serious incident in the operating room, Schmidt gathered in front of his colleagues to explain his actions and review what had happened. Weber’s method is under scrutiny. While it had great benefits for the residents in terms of training and learning, the residents couldn’t help but point out the negative consequences. Richard is disappointed when he’s also against Maggie and when Meredith doesn’t even show up to discuss what to do. As Schmidt goes through a crisis growing enough for Nico to leave, Billy informs Webber of the end of his method.

The evening ends withRing 18 x 11 by address legacy:

The long awaited day has come for Meredith, Amelia and Kay. The team is ready to carry out a revolutionary intervention that could lead to a cure for Parkinson’s disease. The patient is Dr. Hamilton, who volunteered for this important cause. Given the scale of the operation, Gray invites everyone to attend. Among them, we do not find Schmidt, who has not yet recovered from the disaster that occurred in his operating room. And Weber can’t even distract himself from his depression.

appointment with Grey’s Anatomy 18 On La7 it is from 21:15.

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