Government digital step backwards: no obligation to accept credit cards under 30 euros

The history of requiring merchants to accept electronic card payments is long and troubled: As early as 2019, the government made it compulsory for retailers to have a POS. But with an entirely Italian specificity, without providing for sanctions for those who do not respect the provision. In practice the law existed, but there was no punishment for those who did not respect this law.

A situation resolved by a Legislative Decree of April 30, 2022, which introduces a fine of 30 euros plus 4% of the refused transaction for the merchant who refuses to pay by card. But this situation should also change: In the draft of the 2023 budget law, there is a regulation that provides for exemption from the obligation to accept credit and debit cards for income below 30 euros.

A fine will be imposed on merchants who do not accept the card. So far compulsory health insurance, but without sanctions

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With the adoption of the Budget Law 2023 expected in the coming days Merchants can therefore refuse electronic payments if the receipt is less than 30 euros. This choice is mainly motivated by the commission costs associated with electronic payments.

And on the subject of sanctions and the obligation to accept electronic payments, a more structural intervention is expected from the Minister for Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso. According to what has been leaked from the draft, the ministry is due by June 2023″must establish the exclusion criteria in order to ensure the proportionality of the sanction and to ensure the economy of the transactions in relation to the costs of the same“.

Therefore, there could be another government intervention aimed at increasing the maximum value of the transaction for which there is no obligation to accept electronic payments. In the meantime, The draft of the economic maneuver also includes the ongoing sanctions procedure.

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