Google wants to convince Apple to adopt the RCS messaging standard

Google launched a media campaign to convince Apple to adopt a more modern messaging system And able to ensure greater compatibility between different devices. Details here.

The crux of the matter is the standards that Apple uses for the Messages app (so we’re not talking about third-party services like WhatsApp). When one iPhone writes to another iPhone, the message goes through iMessage. It appears in blue and can take advantage of modern features such as encryption, high-quality video, group chat, etc.

The story is different when Android sends a message to iPhone. In this case, the standard used is SMS or MMS, both of which are quite outdatedThe. Not only is the message displayed green (thus revealing that you’re not using an iPhone, which might bother some) but the available features are very limited.

All of this, according to Google, can easily be avoided by switching to RCS (Rich Communication Services). It is a cross-platform protocol that has virtually all the features of iMessage without discriminating against different devices.

Google’s motives aren’t entirely honest. The RCS standard that the company has hailed is actually having some difficulty getting widespread. This is especially in the face of competition from services like WhatsApp or semi-closed ecosystems like iMessage. If Apple gives in, it would certainly be a huge advantage for Google, but it’s possible that a few posts on Twitter won’t be enough to convince the apple.

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