Google Messages: It will soon be possible to convert voice notes into text

The Google He’s working on three new features for Messagesincluding an option It will automatically convert the voice notes in text. Let’s find out all the details together in this article!

All news coming to Google Messages

Google Messages converts audio into text

One of the new things coming Google messages It will simplify life for those who can’t stand audio tones: the Mountain View giant has, in fact, decided to provide its messaging service with practical services transcriber that It automatically converts voice notes into text written. By doing this, you will have no more excuses not to reply to your obsessed friend with voice messages!

The transcripts also appear to be quite accurate, complete with punctuation built based on the pauses and tone of voice picked up in the voice message.

Google Messages converts audio into text

Another novelty is related to RCS messages. Apparently, Google is working on a feature that will let you reply to a message with any of them emoji – which can often help us in awkward situations where we don’t know what to say. With the next update, a new button “Add emojiIt will replace the emoji down. By clicking on it, a menu will open with all the smileys to choose from in response to a message.

Finally, there is a third novelty related to Gallery From Google messages. This function has undergone small changes that simplify navigation, in order to get the most out of the mode View full screen. There is also a new section folderswhich allows you to select an image directly from a specific folder, in fact.

Google Messages converts audio into text

It’s not yet clear when Google will make these features official, but we shouldn’t wait too long before we get them on our Android smartphones.

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