Google is working on fixing a number of bugs in Android Auto

I have read on several occasions on our pages articles related to problems with Android Auto, in fact the Google service is unfortunately known for a whole series of errors; We recently reported problems with Waze and the handles of some infotainment systems, and now that we’ve updated to version 8.5 and revamped the graphical side, Big G has announced that they’ve fixed some bugs.

Users should now encounter fewer errors when using Android Auto

Google recently shared the latest achievements in the fight against Android Auto errors, in fact, on the official support forum of the service, many users periodically report new problems they have encountered, so that the service team can not only be informed, but also provided for their solution, the giant has listed all Issues resolved in October and November.

As you can see going into the meanings of the aforementioned forum, there are still users complaining about some issues that have theoretically been resolved; However, with a device updated to Android 13 and with the latest available versions of Android Auto and the Google app, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Here is a list of bugs fixed by the support team:

  • [Auto] Android Auto uses the phone’s speaker for calls instead of the car’s speaker – the Android Auto team has fixed this. (9/11/2022)

  • [Auto] “The app is not compatible” error on Pixel 7 devices: The Android Auto team has fixed the issue. (10/29/2022)

  • [Auto] The weather icon is missing in the top right of the car display: The Android Auto team has fixed this issue. (10/29/2022).

  • [Auto] “Looking for Android Auto” notification on Android 13: The Android Auto team has fixed this issue. (10/13/2022).

  • [Assistente] Voice command navigation does not start: Assistant team has fixed that. (10/12/2022).

  • [Assistente] Google Assistant not making outgoing calls: The Assistant team has fixed this issue. (7/10/2022).

In short, as you can see, Google is always working to ensure that it provides the best possible service to its users, solving problems that arise, some of which are quite annoying. If you have to deal with the above errors and you have not done so yet, update the respective service to the latest available version, in this way you will not encounter the above malfunctions.

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