Google intends to make better use of Android tablet screens

Google continues to improve the Android experience on tablets that offer larger screens than smartphones. The company’s latest effort can be seen in an important Google app that now adopts a navigation rail on tablets, in order to gain useful vertical space when holding the device horizontally.

Google app introduces a navigation bar on Android tablets

The latest beta 13.46 of the Google app introduces a thin navigation bar instead of the bottom bar with three tabs exploreAnd the near And the groups which is now positioned along the left side.

This fix allows you to see more of your Discover feed and Google search results, plus the three tabs are now located roughly where a user would normally put their thumb, instead of at the top, bottom, or in the middle, so they should be more accessible convenience than before. Below you can see the two apps in comparison.

However, we still don’t see a trace of the most recent Material design, since the three tab icons in the sidebar don’t use a pill-shaped indicator, and the current tab is highlighted in blue instead of gray.

The implementation looks promising, but it seems that it is still in its early stages and requires more UI tweaks and improvements and some tweaks that we are likely to see in future versions of the app.

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