Google has finally realized that remastered apps for Android tablets are essential

Google posted on its blog dedicated to Android developers a A 3-part plan to go through some compatibility issues on Android tablets. Until now, tablets weren’t thought of much, relegated to the background of smartphones, but they’re making a comeback.

We know that Google still believes in hardware, claiming that they are the future of the PC industry. It seems that the company is finally taking our big screen experience into account, and with the launch of Android 12L and new development guidelines, the brand is showing that it You want to improve your presentationhighlighting apps that meet certain criteria.

3 important points to improve

Google promises to improve its experience in 3 areas in particular:

Leaderboards: will be reviewed and improved to take into account and highlight applications that meet the company’s requirements in terms of the tablet experience (portrait/landscape support, integration of keyboard and pen functions, etc.). This will be done in the search engine and the Play Store homepage.

Alerts– Users will also receive alerts when they install apps that do not meet these requirements to let them know that the experience may not be optimal.

Specific rating: Announced last year, this feature will allow you to see ratings and reviews based only on people using the same version of the app, to receive feedback that is increasingly tailored to your experience.

While these promise a step forward for the Android tablet experience, Big G has yet to announce an exact date for these tweaks to take effect. We just know that these will be in effect “the coming months”.

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