Google could add a bomb alert to Android

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted many tech companies to rally in solidarity with the occupied country. often interrupt their services in Russia or in any case by offering a monetary donation. It seems that Google is about to go one step further and introduce a rather unique feature to the Android operating system: an alarm service in the event of a bomb attack.

The message is reported by xda-developers, who found a new code in the latest Google Play Services update. Translated into English, Russian and Ukrainian, this corresponds to a notification service that warns the user of an imminent bombing situation.

<string name="arw_ealert_details_key">Air Raid Warning Details Preference Key</string>\n<string name="arw_ealert_settings_detected_text">You may get a notification when the air raid alert is issued, and another notification when the air raid alert is canceled. The Government of Ukraine provides all air raid alert information.</string>\n<string name="arw_ealert_settings_detected_title">If you are in an area where the Government of Ukraine has issued an air raid alert</string>\n<string name="arw_ealert_settings_how_it_works_body_2_text">" Keep in mind:\n"<li>There may not be an official alert for all air raids.</li>"\n"<li>You may not receive a notification every time an alert is issued or canceled.</li>"\n"<li>You should not rely on the notifications as your sole source of information.</li>"\n"</string>\n<string name="arw_ealert_settings_how_it_works_body_text">This feature uses only your device’s approximate location to send notifications about potential air raids. Google does not use this location information to track or identify you.</string>\n<string name="arw_ealert_settings_how_it_works_title">How it works</string>\n<string name="arw_ealert_settings_switch_key">Air Raid Alerts Main Switch Key</string>\n<string name="arw_location_settings_ealert_activity_label">Сповіщення про повітряні тривоги в Україні</string>\n<string name="arw_location_settings_ealert_activity_label_en">Ukraine air raid alerts</string>\n<string name="arw_notification_alert_text" formatted="false">"The Government of Ukraine issued an alert for %s at %s. Take shelter immediately. Tap to change settings."</string>\n<string name="arw_notification_alert_title">Air raid alert</string>\n<string name="arw_notification_all_clear_text" formatted="false">"The Government of Ukraine canceled the alert for %s at %s. Tap to change settings."</string>\n<string name="arw_notification_all_clear_title">Air raid alert canceled</string>\n<string name="arw_notification_header">Government of Ukraine alert</string>\n<string name="arw_notification_high_importance_channel_name">Air Raid Alerts</string>\n<string name="arw_notification_low_importance_channel_name">Air Raid All Clear</string>

THEThe fact that the code resides in Google Play Services means that notifications can be received without downloading any applications. The text of the notification states that it is not necessarily an accurate tool but certainly, if implemented, could be essential in saving lives.

Note that this is an unannounced feature and is likely in testing phase. As such, specs are subject to change or it may never see the light of day. At the moment, Google has not published any comments on this topic.

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