Google Apps update for Android 12L

During the Google I/O conference this past May, Big G Android 12 lAndroid 12 version for touch tablets.

To make this version a little different and really effective, applications installed on tablets should be optimized. Thus, Google is leading with its Workspace office suite and Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Keep apps.

Multitasking becomes more efficient

First, Google is improving the drag-and-drop feature between two open apps in multitasking mode. For example, you’ll be able to drag and drop text from Chrome into a text document or spreadsheet cell even from Sheets to My Documents or between multiple folders in Google Drive.

Google Drive’s working environment on tablets has so far lacked practicality, especially when working and consulting on multiple files at the same time. Google has understood this and is implementing a new window system. You can now open two Drive windows side by side to get a better view of your files.

This function is activated by clicking on the three-dot menu of any file and clicking Opens in a new window.

Tablet keyboard shortcuts

Tablets are increasingly being used in the office, especially with a keyboard like a laptop. Google is creating keyboard shortcuts in the Drive, Docs, and Slides apps that let you “select, cut, copy, paste, undo, and redo.”

All of these Google Workspace updates will be rolling out to Android 12L in the coming weeks. Google also says that it plans more updates and features on its Android tablets.

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