God of War Ragnarok review: God’s humanity

FFinally here we are, four years after its predecessor, time to analyze God of War Ragnarok in this review

To make it more in line with what he thinks is human nature

What does “humanization” mean? We find a technical definition by raising our gaze slightly. However, there is a passage of this definition, which is complex to understand and it is this doubt inherent in the passage itself that gives value and weight to the whole. “What do you think it should be…These words offer us exceptional interpretation Regarding the concept of humanization. What makes us human? How is human nature defined?

Perhaps, to make us human (and stress “maybe”), that’s it full of emotions, the positivity and negativity that each of us carries around, sometimes silently and sometimes shouting it out to the world at large, and perhaps (again), what makes us human is the relationship that arises between those feelings and our personal relationships. in God of War Ragnarokin the wake of its excellent predecessor, the key is everything here, it’s all in the humanization of the gods, and in this review, we will try to dissect this concept from the point of view of (pass us the term) philosophical Both practical and Mainly video games.

There are no spoilers

Our narrative journey inside God of War Ragnarok (and within our review) begins with the direct continuation of what we saw in the previous chapter. Actually, the plot of the game It perfectly follows the paths traversed in the now distant 2018. Before continuing we want to make that clear in this review There will be no spoilersnot from a narrative point of view, nor from a gameplay point of view.

We do not hide that it will be difficult to write about this title avoiding any kind of anticipation but, in our opinion, it is absolutely necessary as well as respect towards the game and its users, to make this effort as the quality of everything you will see and everything you will experience in God of War Ragnarok The limits of excellence (And in some cases it achieves this).

From Father to Son – God of War Ragnarok review

Given what was said in the previous paragraph of our review, we will proceed to analyze what’s what Narrative management Inside God of War Ragnarok. Everything is based on one Eternal duality, an eternal dialogue that translates into clashes and confrontations, into lost relationships, into recovering relationships seasoned with splashes, here and there, of anger and resentment and the depth each character can gain. A stage filled with deities who slowly remove their divine garments to get as close as possible to A The human dimension.

Obviously, the main duality that we will find ourselves going through will be that of the protagonists Kratos and Atreus. A father and his son grow and develop together. Atreus will not be the Atreus from the previous title, just as Kratos will be different from Kratos. All this will catch the eye from the first minutes of the game and this, in our opinion, is definitely a real component in prestige which elevates this title, from a narrative point of view, to the level of over-the-top exponents of the category, even surpassing its excellent prequel.

Each dialogue fits perfectly with what is happening and with what we see on screen, and above all, this narrative quality emerges during cut sceneswhich has a rare direction for any video game genre Dip your feet into the sea of ​​cinematography. Each cut scene will strike, surprise and keep you glued to the screen. All this despite some imperceptible hesitation in the facial animation of some characters.

God of War Ragnarok review: God's humanity

There is no turning back – God of War Ragnarok review

God of War (2018) was a real revolution for the brand. For a fun setting change, new room management, exploration, etc… In one aspect, the series has remained faithful and always on the right track. Of course, even this last aspect “suffered” the effects of the change (only benefits as far as we are concerned) but more violent From the series he survives and will also be in Ragnarok.

How do they say:When it comes to fighting Kratos, he doesn’t hold back!Well, maybe not quite, but you get the idea. There will be a lot to fight, a lot and every battle will leave you An intense feeling of contentment and contentmentthanks to the excellent commentary and thanks to the exceptional variety of war situations made possible Various skills are unlockable and from the use of different weapons, with the ability to switch during combat. All with the addition of our allies’ skills, which can be unlocked and selected by us.

Moreover, certain skills can be improved thanks to the use of icons mod which would modify the effect of that same ability, changing what type of damage was dealt. The management of the parades and parry windows is also excellent. Moreover, the different difficulty levels are well suited to each user’s needs and the title will not be frustrating or overly easy. So in line with what was done with the previous chapter.

God of War Ragnarok review: God's humanity

Towards Ásgarðr! God of War Ragnarok review

In God of War Ragnarok we will find ourselves acting on several maps of different sizes. We think a paragraph about managing maps and exploration is about time. This is because if on the one hand Narrative Represent beating heart From the whole work, on the other hand, we feel we can assert that all that surrounds ‘Main Street’ represents it Plus that do the difference. Exploring every corner of the different maps and kingdoms will not be a needs-driven business completion But it will provide more gameplay differences; represented in attendance Different enemies, environmental puzzles, platform stages, side quests, sleigh or boat rides and lore items to discover.

The knowledge is well managed and hits the right point enabling the perfect connection between the extraordinary creation of worlds, their histories, and the desire to enjoy the landscapes and backgrounds they create. They infuse fantasy and myth from every leaf, blade of grass, or creature you encounter. Fantasy and mythology that will pick up even the least accustomed to these subjects. However, exploration, in our opinion, suffers from one in some cases Simple pathology That during our hours of play, he made us turn up our nose more than once and this, frankly, we did not expect. We didn’t expect it in terms of the extreme quality of the title and in light of a (difficult, we’re aware) development for the series.

The pathology involved is the so-called “invisible wallsWe’ve often gone through areas where some areas are, Although it is easy to see and easily accessible, it turns out, on balance, to be inaccessible. This is from Santa Monica and it is God of War RagnarokWith all that this title brings with it on the back, it surprised us with negativity and we couldn’t help but point it out in review.

God of War Ragnarok review: God's humanity

Glad you were and glad you stayed – God of War Ragnarok review

God of War (2018) was a real landmark, Technically speaking, for the previous generation of consoles. Ragnarok is perfectly in line with the visual enjoyment its predecessor caused anyone who started it. Unusual models and diverse settings visually reflect what is happening from a narrative point of view. We are in full swing in Ragnarok fimbulwinter Which, according to Norse mythology, is long winter before arrival Ragnarok, the so-called “final battle”. Observing how each world and each area “suffers” with Fibulwinter’s arrival is absolutely remarkable and elicits another round of applause for the development team in the attention to detail that has been created. However, one thing must be considered.

No fear, no barbs but simply one consciousness. If, as mentioned a few lines above, God of War (2018) is a reference point from a technical point of view, we don’t feel like saying that Ragnarok will be for the new generation of consoles (also thanks to its cross-country nature). Gen) but at the same time, we definitely know that he represents some Solid foundations (as it was in the case of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and in the case of Horizon Forbidden West, for example) for all future projects and especially in future exclusives, as well as for DualSense management (positive in this title).

On a performative level, the game is what can be defined in purely artistic language: a rock. Just as in the sound sector, to be very impressive, with a perfect soundtrack for every occasion, voices that amplify positive feedback and Italian dubbing of a very high level.

God of War Ragnarok review: God's humanity

And now we are both… Kratos!

our God of War Ragnarok review It is now in the final stages, and as always, trying to amend what has been said, with the fear of missing something and the uncertainty of not being able to express everything you want, is really complicated. God of War Ragnarok Immediately amazed And it is strange how she is able to do this even if one can, fundamentally, anticipate what it will amount to, at least from the point of view of rustic structure and fun. However, that may be the case emotional involvement And it’s that push for humanity mentioned earlier, which is felt right away, that makes all the difference. We get gassy and sad and feel strong sympathy for each character And in a sense, one comes I am gone Of all those feelings that drink title.

you are trying anger for every blow with an ax Kratosyou are trying ambition and curiosity in every beat Atreusyes reflects After every word he said Mimir And there yes Feels guilty The more you focus on the face Withered, resentful, painful but absolutely beautiful and charming Freya. God of War Ragnarok is involved and does so like few of his “colleagues”. We are facing, in our opinion, the myriad numbers Masterpiece From the serial to the real one You must own it For every PlayStation console owner, especially for every PlayStation 5 owner.

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We’re still next to Kratos and Atreus!

Plus points

  • Narratively outstanding
  • Cinematic cutscenes
  • Excellent combat system
  • Diverse and beautiful environments to explore
  • Technically very solid
  • The painting will act as a bridge between our emotions and those of the characters

points against

  • Very few invisible walls
(offered on amazon.it)Not to be missed!

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