God of War Ragnarök becomes fastest selling PlayStation game

Sony recently communicated about a record broken by War god Ragnarokthe Santa Monica Studio title becomes the fastest selling PlayStation title in the brand’s history.

By landing with its big hooves on PS4 and also PS5, God of War: Ragnarok has shaken certain pillars, and one in particular. On Wednesday, November 23, Sony congratulated Santa Monica Studio on winning the title “the best-selling game at launch in PlayStation history!”

Credit: Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

The information wouldn’t have been as good without a sales score, which is why we learn that God of War: Ragnarök sold 5.1 million copies worldwide in its first week of marketing. Note that the PS4 and PS5 copies are included for numbers that ended November 13, 2022. However, it is unknown whether the dematerialized counted here.

Start of God of War Ragnarök: a record for PlayStation, and therefore for the franchise

It goes without saying that with a franchise that never left the PlayStation fold on consoles, God of War: Ragnarok also marks a record start for the saga that started on PS2. But setting a new stat for a “first party” PlayStation title, God of War: Ragnarok necessarily beat an earlier start.

Indeed it is for him The Last of Us Part II which boasted the fastest selling PlayStation game. In June 2020, we were told that Naughty Dog’s title had sold 4 million copies in three days. Before that, the record was held by Marvel’s Spider Man (3.3 million), and it’s come full circle, so far it’s the God of war of 2016, which had sold 3.1 million copies at launch.

What other title will be able to thrill audiences in a similar way on PlayStation consoles? Most likely not a PS5 exclusive unless at least a quarter of the machine’s owners hurry Final Fantasy XVI. Knowing that the previous part has recently reached 10 million sales across various media.

Source : Twitter @PlayStation (via VGC)

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