Giusi Mitrano sings about migrant women and femicide on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Aurora, Fortuna, Naima and Isabel: Four women’s names, four possible lives told in the single “She is called” the Giuseppe Mitrano publish on 11/25 coincide With there Day International for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Giuseppe MitranoMusician, composer, sings about the hope – we all hope – to live in one world no more violence against women: that suffered by those fleeing the land of martyrs in search of a better life, or by those who suffer it in the quiet of the home. And what could be a more symbolic occasion than Day International for the Elimination of Violence Against Women while there is still a very high rate of femicide, to release his single to raise awareness through the power of a song. In the text the four women: Aurora, Fortuna, Naima and Isabel they mark the rhythm, the passages and become the meaning and signifiers of the narrative of the piece composed by Mitrano.

It’s a song written in one go during the first lockdown – explained Giuseppe Mitrano – It is the story of a young woman who fled a refugee camp in Libya after being repeatedly subjected to physical and psychological violence. She escapes her tormentors and reaches Lampedusa. And here she dies after childbirth. I heard this story on the news and was shocked. So much so that I immediately wrote the lyrics and now they’re finally ready to be sung.”.

The sheet music of the song is accompanied by the video made by Daniel Charello – Zork Digital Planet by Buccino, where the images of the musicians alternate with those of children wanting to play with sea water on the beach, another powerful symbol of freedom to which the singer entrusts hope for a better future.

aurora represents the dawn, the hope for a better tomorrow – go on Singer – and this name is dedicated to all those women who fled their countries in search of a dignified life. The veil blindfolding the goddess and the contingency of being born free: this is the meaning of wealth. Naima, The extraordinary ballad that John Coltrane dedicated to his wife and on whose notes Jon Hendricks years later wrote a text dedicated to women as symbols of love, beauty and life, is dedicated to the young mother who died after giving birth in Lampedusa. Finally isabel is aimed at all the young girls who are forced to become wives and wives too early“.

The talented musicians syncretisticBorn in 2011, formed by Bruno Salikon at the piano, Aldo Vigorito on the double bass, Julius Martin on soprano saxophone and Luca Mignano on drums they accompany Giusi Mitrano in the song.

In fact, since 2011 he has been co-leader of the jazz project “Syncretico” with pianist Bruno Salicone; The musical group will take part in various jazz festivals and in 2020 will be guests of the music festival of the Tempi Moderni association, where they will pay tribute to the music of Dawid Bowie as part of the photo exhibition “Stardust Bowie by Sukita”. In 2019 he recorded as a singer the song “L’Attesa” included on the CD “Happy” (ed. A.MA Record) by pianist Bruno Salicone.


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