Genius 2 in 1 (-48%)

This very special tool is just a few Headphones With a very large charging case so that it can also work like charging tool for you smart phones. A product that should always be with you to listen to music, talk on the phone and provide instant power to your device, just in case. Participate in a greedy discount Amazon Very limited, you can take home for only about €12 instead of €26. On top of that, shipments are fast and completely free if you’re a Prime subscriber. Check out the voucher page and quickly complete the order to take advantage of the offer. Availability in limited stock.

Earbuds and powerbanks: the must-have gadget

In-ear design for Isolation You’d better come external noiseExcellent quality for listening to music and phone conversations. Elegant aesthetic lines and compatibility with practically all devices thanks to connectivity bluetooth.

As expected, this tool comes with a lot more shipping homes. So big that you can not only recharge your headphones when not in use, but also provide power to your smartphone when it’s empty. than practical Show compact-Keep your energy management under control.

Don’t miss out on a delicious deal Amazonwith those Headphones He gave it charging tool compact. Check the coupon on the page and quickly complete the order to get it for only € 12, saving 48%. Shipments are very fast and free, guaranteed by Prime services.

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