GeekMall Black Friday begins: discounts of up to 80% on many products!

also GeekMall Celebrate a week Black Friday With many offers at discounts of up to80% on products such as robotic vacuum cleaners, electric bikes and scooters, portable charging stations, and many other accessories. Let’s find out together the best offers that this online store has for us!

GeekMall – Discounts of up to 80% with Black Friday promotions


Among the most tempting offers we certainly find Roborock S7 Pro Ultra, a robotic vacuum cleaner capable of cleaning the house in a very efficient way, emptying itself with every recharge. This robot provides a maximum power of 1000W with a suction power of 5100Pa.

Thanks to the GeekMall offer, it is possible to purchase Roborock S7 Pro Ultra At the price of 879 € instead of 1199 €, using the discount code that you find below.


with ILIFE S50However, you can use steam to clean more deeply. This scrubber provides a maximum power of 1300W with a water tank of 450ml. The steam mop is wired, but the 5-meter cord will allow you to easily reach every corner of the house.


With the discount code you find below, you can make it your own ILIFE 50 at a price 49.99 euros instead of 89.99 euros.


Also consider the excellent offer on proscenic 850 t, robotic vacuum cleaner and floor washer thanks to IPANS 2.0 technology that better recognizes environmental obstacles to avoid tripping. With a 2600mAh battery and 3000Pa suction, this robot can clean the whole house with ease.


proscenic 850 t Available at offer price 147.70 euros Instead of 299 euros, using the discount code that you find below.


with android Roidmi EVA 3 in 1On the other hand, it is possible to clean and wash the house in a fully automated way. Once the water tank is filled and activated (also via voice commands), the robot will take care of the complete cleaning of the house, cleaning itself as soon as it returns to its charging station.


Roidmi EVA 3 in 1 Available at a price 582.88 euros Instead of 799 euros, thanks to the coupon that you find below.


For all other offers, please visit the official promotion page Black Friday 2022 on GeekMall.

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