“Garcimore is dead”, on display at the Danse Stables of Charleroi, on November 25

On April 18, 2000, José Garcimore, the always relaxed magician alongside TV presenter Denise Fabre in “Stay with us on Saturday”, left his world of magic and tricks “not as bad as that”.

This popular small screen figure is used by French artist Gaël Santisteva in “Garcimore est mort”. “The title of my show is rather anecdotal, because I’m not really talking about the illusionist of Spanish descent,” the author emphasizes. “But who better than Garcimore, who we remember always taking the time to perform his card numbers, represents this form of decline that goes against a world that always wants to go faster and faster? I believe in this distancing through humor ”

Between show, music hall, magic tricks, ventriloquism, realistic reverie,… Gaël Santisteva conceived this creation as an “augmented version of reality”, covered with artifices related to the show: round curtain, costume, jingles, songs, drum roll , applause, etc. “Deeply interested in questioning these codes, I would like to use them against the mark in a performance deliberately removed from the wiles of the wondrous spectacle. I hope to question the audience about the power of belief and manipulation while remaining entertaining and accessible.”

It was in 2007 that the artist from the Gers landed in Brussels with a long practice of the circus in his luggage, to which was added a predilection for choreography and theatrical performance. He has been a performer for 15 years and cultivates the circus side of his personality. On stage, Gaël Santisteva is surrounded by Ondine Cloez, dancer, Jani Nuutinen, juggler, and alternately Sophia Rodriguez or Micha Goldberg, Belgian performers.

“Garcimore is dead” by Gaël Santisteva can be seen on November 25 at 8 pm at the Stables, Boulevard Pierre Mayence, 65c in Charleroi – A co-presentation L’Ancre and Charleroi Danse. Full price: €15.

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