Games Guide on Huawei AppGallery: HMS Opportunities

Huawei has been pressing HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) for a long time now. The cornerstone in this context is the AppGallery digital store, pre-installed on all Huawei devices, and now outdated 580 million active users worldwide, of which 45 million are related to Europe. Outside of China, the store grew its in-app revenue 3x year-on-year, and a 20x increase in casual player growth occurred over the same period.
This data makes us understand the expansion of the AppGallery, but what are the aspects that attract mobile game fans to this platform? Here we try to make sense of it, focusing on some of the opportunities that the HMS ecosystem offers.

AppGallery interface

AppGallery’s user experience is able to offer different sections, from “Recommended” to “Apps”, passing through the “User” tab. However, what might interest gamers the most is inevitably “Games” section, it can be accessed using the appropriate icon located at the bottom right. In fact, the latter highlights the main innovations at the top, which scroll automatically on the screen and immediately allow you to understand the latest initiatives from this point of view.

Below are the Categories, Featured buttons (to have a look at selected paid experiences, such as Soulslike Pascal bet), “Promotions” and “VIP Program” (presenting exclusive offers and bonuses). Scrolling down, the various sections appear are also useful for orienting yourself among the proposals, from “Most Fun Games” to pre-order titles, scrolling through ratings, game previews and more. In this regard, it is worth noting the “Best Collections” area, which allows you to get an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bsome exclusive promotions of the AppGallery.

In-game items provided by AppGallery

In addition to the general interface, by launching the AppGallery digital store, which we remember can also be downloaded to other Android devices through the official Huawei portal, the first thing that catches the eye is the presence of the “Gifts” section. You can often find here Exclusive in-game features only available through the AppGallery. To give you a concrete example, at the time of this writing it is possible to get a welcome gift related to the popular fantasy strategy title Rush Royale, which contains Gold x1000.

These in-game gifts are awarded to a limited number of players, but sometimes refer to tens of thousands of available tokens. You should also take into account the presence of the “Promotions” section, which allows you to get coupons associated with various addresses. We recently covered in these pages the launch of Time Raiders, an MMORPG that takes players to explore underground tombs. At the time of writing, AppGallery has been focusing on the latter, allowing players to get up to 40% off on in-game items. These are just examples to make you understand what AppGallery is proposing, but in reality Huawei is trying to go further.

In fact, it was launched Huawei Gaming Club Discord Channel, which aims to guarantee the community a virtual place where they can stay up to date with what is already available in this context. It is generally possible to join the channel through the pages linked to the various game vouchers, but news about the AppGallery gaming world, personalized gifts, from smartphones to digital vouchers, in-game vouchers and gifts are also available. Moreover, quizzes, video FAQs, and live support make it possible to retain existing users and specifically engage new users to allow the community to continue to grow.

Available games

However, it is not only the offerings in terms of in-game advantages that act as a driving force for Huawei AppGallery, in fact there areLarge collection of titles that has evolved over the years.
To be clear, these days experiences like Homescapes, Lords Mobile, Top Eleven, Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 9: Legends, Might & Magic: Era of Chaos, Dragon Trail, and PUBG Mobile can be easily downloaded from the Huawei Digital Store.

Among other things, by accessing Games tab in AppGalleryUser will be able to view the best game categories such as combos, fun, recommended and featured games. There are also pre-orders and there is the ability to take a look at games that are not yet available, which will be downloaded as soon as they are released. Then there is a premium selection of paid games, as well as game promotion campaigns and the VIP program, which allows every month from the first day to accumulate (from 500 to 10 thousand) expenses for purchases on selected games, level up and receive important discounts on all games in the store.

End of 2022 offers

In conclusion, we focus on some of the promotions designed for Close 2022 in the name of the games Via AppGallery. For fans of Lords Mobile, until December 31, 2022 there will in fact be the possibility of obtaining coupons of up to 30%. The euro spent will be equivalent to a diamond and with 50 diamonds it will be possible to get a 5 euro voucher, up to the possible conversion of 500 diamonds into a 150 euro voucher.

For those who used to have fun with Infinity Kingdom, until December 31, 2022 it will be possible to get a free gift package and Coupon with 200% bonus (For example, €4 spent in Infinity Kingdom can get you €10 in-game vouchers). These are just a few examples of Huawei AppGallery’s end-of-2022 celebrations: you can find all the details right in the store.

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