Galaxy Tab S8 FE, evidence of the tablet that will arrive by the end of the year

While the Galaxy Tab S8 lineup welcomes One UI 5.0 with Android 13, Samsung appears to be working on a version A cheaper version derived from the flagship tablets. It should be launched as Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE, Then one Fan edition Which as usual will have more or less revised specs down to reach a lower price point – the Tab S8 range starts at around €600, 800 list price on hand.

There’s no point in hoping for an OLED screen on the Galaxy Tab S8 FE if the Galaxy Tab S8 doesn’t even have one, and in fact the meticulous Roland Quandt underscores the choice Samsung would have made with the design of the SM-X500B and SM-X506B, its variant respectively With Wi-Fi and 5G. Well, an LCD screen, but insiders warn that the screen has a Wacom digitizer To ensure an excellent pen experience. He also adds that the codename will be Birdie, which is much more useful information than one might think.

In fact, in September, a semi-anonymous device named Birdie and several observers took a tour of Geeekbench Link this product to the Galaxy Tab S8 FE project which was never confirmed by Samsung. But the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is waiting for an heir, and therefore it could be that The device seen on the modular stand. He must come to the market at the end of the yearOr at least that’s what the rumors predict. Here are some of the technical items that have been released so far.

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